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Meghan Markle's Popularity Soars Topping Kate Middleton In Google Searches

Updated on June 19, 2018
Meghan Markle tops Kate Middleton on Google searches.
Meghan Markle tops Kate Middleton on Google searches. | Source

Meghan Markle Takes The Online World By Storm

It looks like it's Meghan Markle's turn as the top searched Royal Family member on Google, according to the latest data. The world's infatuation with the Royal Family hit a high point when Prince Charles took Diana Spencer as his wife and gave the world Princess Diana. A few decades later, Charles and Diana's oldest son, Prince William, married Kate Middleton and it was a reboot of the same type of frenzy seen around Diana.

The introduction of Diana as Prince Charle's bride-to-be was not something shared by the masses online back then but that's because there weren't any internet services available to the average person. But there was a frenzy just the same. People from both sides of the pond flocked to their television sets to watch Charles and Diana tie the knot and the TV rating skyrocketed

Meghan Markle is a popular search on Google.
Meghan Markle is a popular search on Google. | Source

Times Have Changed

Times have changed and now this search data is available to the average citizen with the click of your keyboard. According to the data provided on Google Trends, over the past year, it seems that Meghan Markle's name has been searched more than her sister-in-law Kate's name.

While Kate did have a couple of spikes in the search graph around the times her third pregnancy was announced and then again when the baby was born, Meghan still topped Kate most of the time. The late Princess Diana's name was also a popular search, but her two daughter-in-laws cornered the market when it came to Google search popularity.

The rise in the search for Meghan's name started about the time she was revealed as a love interest for Prince Harry. From there it just grew in numbers. The graph rises around the time their engagement was announced and then spikes sky-high in the days leading up to and after Harry and Meghan's wedding.

While Princess Diana caused a frenzy when she was revealed as the bride-to-be for Prince Charles, there was no online world to offer stats to put stats to that popularity.
While Princess Diana caused a frenzy when she was revealed as the bride-to-be for Prince Charles, there was no online world to offer stats to put stats to that popularity. | Source

Princess Diana Is Still Popular

There are a few public events in life that people tend to remember where they were at the exact moment of hearing the news. One of those events for many people is the day Princess Diana died. She was called the "People's Princess" a term that is now borrowed and used on occasion for both her daughters-in-law, Kate and Meghan.

Princess Diana left a void that no one could fill, not even a new love interest for her husband, Prince Charles. Then years later Prince William set his sights on Kate and the frenzy emerged. This time around there was the Internet, which brought like-minded people from all over the world together to celebrate Kate and William's wedding.

The Internet has made it very easy to see that Kate emerged in the public's eye bringing the type of excitement that Princess Diana did decades earlier when first joining the Royal Family. The same Google Trends that highlighted Kate's popularity have switched today putting Meghan on top.

The late Princess Diana is still very popular today.
The late Princess Diana is still very popular today. | Source

The Royal Boys

Over the past year, it appears Prince Harry was the most searched name between the two brothers, according to Google Trends. William had spikes that coincided with the same spikes Kate's search did around the announcement of their third pregnancy and then later, with the birth of their third child.

For all you Royal Family watchers out there it will be interesting to see if Meghan's popularity settles down a bit. Once the dust settles from the aftermath of the wedding it would seem feasible that Kate, Meghan, William, and Harry will all share an equal amount of Google searches. There are bound to be life events pushing spikes in the searches for one or more of the royal foursome at any given time.

Questions are already circulating online regarding the possibility of Meghan and Harry's intentions on starting a family soon. Combine that topic with people questioning if Kate and William will add more royal offspring to their family, Google Search is going to be busy when it comes to the Royal Family.


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