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Mel Gibson vs Religion: Legend or Loser Part II

Updated on September 2, 2012

Welcome back to Mel Gibson

I have come to the conclusion that life is not always what it seems and that we spend our time contradicting ourselves and each other on a daily basis. This article is not against anything, nor for anything, but merely an observation and I hope it comes as a non biased opinion. Mel Gibson has had a hard time as of late and I honestly don’t know if he is wrong or we are. I will explain don’t worry.

After Mel directed the ambitious project Passion of the Christ, his views were criticised for his religious beliefs and for his “Anti-Semitic” remarks against the Jewish community. Now, as horrible as those words may have been, are we judging him because of what he said...or the fact that he is a celebrity?

I found it odd that a Catholic man, who believes in the same Jesus Christ that Christians, Muslims, Wiccans, Hindus and even Atheists and Agnostics believe in, could have those sorts of views. I always thought Mel was intelligent but we will investigate what he said, and see where he went wrong.

His actual words were that “Jews are responsible for all the wars and atrocities in the world!” I have done some research, and I have found some startling differences in religion that I feel needs to be mentioned. Due to the contradicting nature of religion, and the very basis for free speech and free thinking in jeopardy, here is what I have found.

First of all, the Catholic faith believes heavily in the notion that Jesus Christ is God and he came down to Earth, inseminated himself in the Virgin Mary thus making him a man, where he died for our sins. The Christians believe that only God is God, Jesus is the son of God meaning essentially he is a man. But many in the Christianity faith believe in the Trinity, which is God, Jesus and Mary all being Devine. Contradicting so far? It gets worse.

Jews don’t believe Jesus is their Messiah as he did not complete his mission to rid the world of death and poverty, and instead he failed and then died a poor man. Therefore they are still waiting for their Messiah.

In Muslim faith, Mohammed is their Prophet, and God is God. Muslim literally means “One who submits to God”.

Here is the interesting part.

“Thou shall not kill” (one of the Ten Commandments.)

Christians have blood on their hands throughout time as they have tried to convert the Muslims and Jews to Christianity. And after politely refusing, the Jews and Muslims were slaughtered and thrown out of Spain. This was dreadful and sparked a war known as the Spanish Inquisition. This wasn’t the fault of the Jewish people, they were merely standing up for what they believed in. Is that so wrong?

“Thou Shall have no false idol”.

This has been taken to mean that you cannot pray to anyone else. Catholic priests pray to Saints all the time! And what about the Christian Trinity? That is 3 Gods. This is just making it harder to trust the Bible.

It is widely believed that the Jews were enslaved by the Egyptians and in this time it is theorised that they helped build the Pyramids. This cannot be true seeing as they were slaves nearly 300 years after the completion of the Pyramids in 1750BC. And besides, 600,000 families (2 million people) setting off into the desert and leaving no evidence behind them including, cloths, tools, pottery and bones seems a little bit unusual. And you would think that the Egyptian records would mention somewhere that a quarter of their population had left the city to go across the desert but it doesn’t. I am not saying that they weren’t slaves, all I am saying is that there is not one single piece of evidence to support this which is impossible according to archaeologists.

In World War 2 the Germans killed 6 million Jews in the most brutal fashion in a diabolical and hate filled massacre. But the World War is said to be about killing the Jews. This is false and needs to be rectified. The Jews were not the cause of World War 2, but simply the subject of even more hate because of their faith. But many people believe that the Jews were the only group of people that were mercilessly killed in the war. But in fact, Homosexuals, Communists, Romani, Polish, disabled people, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Soviet prisoners of war were also killed. These groups made the death toll to around 17 million people. So this war was not just about the Jews, and certainly wasn’t because of them.

The Seven Deadly Sins:

Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. These were created by the Christians to control the nature of human beings by conditioning them to feel guilt and offering their own brand of salvation and forgiveness. But how many Christian Lawyers, Stockbrokers, Salemen, Politicians and reporters are there in the world? And what do they all have in common? I mean, think about the death penalty for instance. Is it ok to kill one who has killed another? Please! It’s this level of contradicting that doesn’t make sense. It seems it’s ok to be one thing, but not the other. Each faith has their own right and wrongs that all contradict each other. Do you think the way that Catholic priests have been in the news over the years affect the Catholic faith? It’s just brushed over like some dust on the porch so no one would ever know. This is unacceptable. So we convict a man that has said some words that admittedly were unprovoked but were no more uneducated than the views that convict him.

Throughout time it just seems like the Jewish people have been persecuted for their beliefs. It isn't right but there is no doubt that retribution has been found. Hollywood is run by Jewish producers, actors and directors. It is the central hub for payback. Mel Gibson's acting career will no doubt be over unless he makes his own way. And anyone with any bad comment on Jews will be punished.

There will be more on this...Please follow for part 3.

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    • cperuzzi profile image

      Christopher Peruzzi 5 years ago from Freehold, NJ

      I believe the premise is faulted. Judaism is not the cause of most wars. Religion is.

      When we speak of the atrocities that happened during the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades (let alone the burning of witches and the Holocaust), it all boils down to religion. The idiocies of the "my God is bigger than your God", have resulted in more death and destruction than all other reasons combined.

      We all look into our history books and joyfully remember the conquerors that had just conquered lands and started wars to just rule. They wanted land and the people on the land. They wanted to be kings and they made themselves kings with a lot of killing and a lot of fighting. In essence, that is the real cause of war. Someone thinks that they know best and they say, "I'm going to kill everyone else who thinks differently - who lives here. If you don't agree, you'll just have to die."

      That's a kingship, a monarchy, or a dictatorship. "I say, you do." Of course, it makes it a lot easier to rope in the huddled masses when you throw a little bit of "divine providence" and "God speaks through me" stuff. That's when you get the idiot obedient portion of the population to go along with you.

      It's all part of war. It's all part of government. It's all part of politics. It's all part of manipulation.

      In reality, we must ask ourselves what role does religion actually need to bring to our lives. In essence, we need, as human beings, to make sense of reality and the universe. And, because there are no real theosophists anymore, we fall back on the mythologies that we grew up with and never question them. We inherit our religion because it leads to the life we want with the people we know. It is only when we break away from that mythology and examine our own beliefs that we try to make our own path and sense of the universe.