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Melanie C's Music: 'Beautiful Intentions'

Updated on February 9, 2018
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With a few published short stories to his name, James aspires to become a successful novelist in the horror genre.

In 2005 we saw the return of Melanie C with a fierce new album entitled 'Beautiful Intentions'. Made up almost entirely of edgy rock based songs about revenge, It could easily be assumed that Melanie used this album as a way of relieving her emotional frustrations from her split with Virgin.

Beautiful Intentions - The growling guitars complimenting Melanie's gritty vocals will leave your eardrums humming with delight. Definitely the most head bang worthy song that she has ever done. The best written song on the album? No. One of the funnest? Hell yeah!

Next Best superstar - Lead single and probably the most radio friendly of the rockier tracks, 'Next Best Superstar' exposes the hypocrisy of the entertainment industry. I think the whole problem with this track is... who would play it? It's too much for pop radio, but not enough for rock stations. Melanie hits all the right notes to make this song shine.

Better Alone - The first ballad of the album. Clearly written about her part with Virgin, but it is cleverly disguised as a break up song. This song is slow... it almost makes me feel like I'm swimming through a vat of molasses. Thankfully, the song comes alive when the bridge sets in and I finally get the happy ending that I'm looking for: belted high notes and just the right amount of passion.

Last Night On Earth - This song incorporates that tunnel like echo that she loves to experiment with. If you could make a rock song dancey, this is what their love child would sound like. Slightly tamer compared to the rest of the album, it's still an enjoyable change of pace. With the right remix, this could almost be single worthy.

You Will See - Doing her best to rasp some disgust into her voice, 'You Will See' has quickly become a fan favorite. Honestly, I think the song is a little overrated. The bridge is what catches your attention. If nothing else, it's kinda fun to scream f*** your lies!

Never Say Never - Almost a grungy song, the gritty wail of the instruments match Melanie's sweet rasp as it builds into an explosive chorus where everything jumps up a notch with excitement.

Good Girl - Many find this song boring, but I find it endearing. I love Melanie's voice doing some gymnastics during the verses, showing some cool vocal control. The backing is relaxing and I'm easily drawn into her pleading coos.

Don't Need This - Surging guitars roar and aggressive drums pound in this pop rock track. Melanie's voice blasts in the chorus into a full lyrical assault against whomever may have done her wrong.

Little Piece Of Me - An early fan favorite and standout track. Shouting in defiance against all those who have ever wronged her. For me, the music is just average, and I know she's getting a lot off her chest with this song, but at points I almost feel like I'm being yelled at.

Here And Now - A wonderful ballad. It's nice to hear some sensitivity in her voice against the angry overtone of the rest of the record. I don't care about the past, but what matters is the today. Verging on the edge of sultry, her whisper like vocals help separate this song from the rest. My only complaint is the minute long outro. Another chorus would have fit nicely.

Take Your Pleasure - I love this track. It's noisy, it's exciting and most of all it's messy. Electric guitars almost overshadow Melanie's booming voice as she screams in defiance. There is so many instrumental elements that it's hard to focus on any one thing and not miss something else. It's a fun track that will get your blood pumping.

You'll Get Yours - This is the highlight of the album. Her light as air voice is carried gently in the arms of the harmonizing piano/drum combo. The best written and most passionate song closes the album flawlessly. This song could hit so many people with it's emotional punch, sadly, it never saw a proper commercial release.

First Day Of My Life - This song wasn't originally included on 'Beautiful Intentions'. Achieving incredible success as the theme song for a German TV show, 'First Day Of My Life' saw a proper release when it was added to a reworked version of the album. A powerful ballad about seeing through the hard times in life, and finding out that life continues to go on regardless. The track screams perfection. Perfect arrangement and vocals make for pure magic. The song came out right after Hurricane Katrina and I think she missed a huge opportunity not releasing it as a charity single in the USA. Radio would have ate it up, and it would have really uplifted spirits.

While I'm not going to say this is Melanie's best album (fans please don't hurt me!) I can respect this side of her music. To me, many of the songs sound similar. While I appreciate her try at a harder sound, I miss the emotion that her voice conveys. Don't get me wrong, I listen to this album quite regularly. If you love songs like 'Goin' Down', 'Gaga' and 'Let's Love' then this will be the perfect album for you.

Standout Tracks: 'First Day Of My Life', 'Next Best Superstar', 'You'll Get Yours', 'Beautiful Intentions'

Beautiful Intentions
Beautiful Intentions

Melanie's long awaited third album and first off her own label 'Red Girl Records'. This is the imported version which includes 'First Day Of My Life' which was not on the original album.


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