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Melanie C's Music: 'Reason'

Updated on April 1, 2012

Here is a very good priced import version of Melanie's second album.


After a well deserved rest from touring her debut album 'Northern Star', Melanie C resurfaced in 2003 with her highly anticipated sophomore album 'Reason'. Settling on a less diverse musical route, she seems happy in the light pop adult contemporary category. I could easily see three out of four released songs sitting comfortably in adult contemporary rotation. Not to mention a few other overlooked songs finding some popularity. Unfortunately, 'Reason' never saw the light of day here in America. Only recently did it get added to major online retailers such as Itunes and Amazon. Many fans cast this album aside due to it's lack of diversity, but I appreciate it as a more refined, polished album. Regrettably, this is the last major label record we'll see from Melanie as she and Virgin Records split due to struggles over creative control and artistic differences. Luckily, it was in her favor and she kept the rights to all her songs.

Here It Comes Again - Debut single from 'Reason'. A beautifully catchy pop tune with adult contemporary written all over it. She chirps joyfully at the emotions of falling in love. The music compliments her her strong vocals wonderfully by a very simple ensemble. Melanie's voice soars easily on the chorus proving that she really does have something special.

Reason - A very simple, but honest piano ballad. Not necessarily single material, but her voice sails effortlessly over the accompanying piano. Desperation and pain come through as she sings to her lover not to give up too easily. Give me a chance to open up, as I'm a real diamond in the rough.

Lose Myself In You - A light pop track catches Melanie crooning over soft instrumentals. A very cool low key track that sounds like it should be performed in a coffee shop somewhere. Warm and inviting, it's perfect for trying to unwind after a busy day.

On The Horizon - An infectious summer song about being in love. I think that she had someone special in mind when she wrote this. I can imagine the huge smile on her face as she belts out the happy verses.Her clear voice rings sweetly celebrating the joys of her summertime romance.

Positively Somewhere - A gentle song about self discovery. I'm finally happy with who I am, and I'm not changing for anything. She confidently belts out against her darker demons and takes you on the journey making you feel like an emotional winner.

Melt - Another ballad that could have done will with American adult contemporary . Gingerly, she's begging the world to see past the bad and seek out the good in people. An uplifting song that I think is her way of trying to heal the world just a little bit. Released as a double A side with 'Yeh Yeh Yeh' which marked the final release from the album.

Do I - This is one of those easy slow songs that I love to listen to when I'm trying to relax. Along the lines of 'Lose Myself In You', it's just another smooth ballad that helps calm the mind and body. Lead by a very light guitar, Melanie easily sings about the joys of new romance.

Soul Boy - This sticky syrupy ballad oozes sweetly as Melanie delicately moans with emotion. An incredibly simple song about the birth and death of a relationship. Will you be my soul boy? Can you be everything I need? Ahhh, but now that spark is gone, I quit believing you're my soul boy.

Water - Another possible adult contemporary hit. Atmospheric sounds make you feel like your dancing lightly on the surface of a vast ocean. Praising the healing powers love can bring. The sky is clear and love will always win. A very positive song.

Home - By far, Melanie's darkest and rawest song ever. Rough and gritty, 'Home' really hits a wide variety of emotions that applies to any number of situations. A hard relationship and tough life choices are just a few that spring to mind. Dark drums predominately accompany her wails of anguish of life's unfairness.

Let's Love - This song is the only fast edged song that you'll find on reason. This song sounds like she's singing it in a tunnel during the verses. I know it's supposed to enhance the the rocky feel of the track, but I find it a little annoying. This song was actually used for a Japanese car commercial and saw a physical release there. It never got a video or anything so I'm not sure if you'd call it an exclusive single or not.

Yeh Yeh Yeh - The album closes with this rock inspired dance track. Melanie's attempt at another 'I Turn To You'. Thundering drums and fast guitars give way to an incredibly catchy hook that will keep you singing to yourself for days. A touch on the naughty side, this one will definitely get you up and moving. A smart single choice, but an injury prevented her from promoting the song properly.

Overall, 'Reason' really helped me dig deep and come to terms with some difficult feelings that I was trying to deal with. While it's hard for an album of slower songs in the market in the past decade, it really deserved it's chance to shine. Easily dismissed as a step backward, I think 'Reason' was incredibly thought provoking and well written. Some of my favorite Melanie C songs came from this album, so please give it a spin and see what you think. Head over to and check out the audio section to hear any of these great songs. I still play it to this day when I need to chill out and elevate my mood.

Standout tracks: Here It Comes Again, Water, Home, Melt, Yeh Yeh Yeh

First Single: Here It Comes Again

Second Single: On The Horizon

Third Single: Melt

Double A Side with Melt: Yeh Yeh Yeh

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