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Melanie C's Music: 'This Time'

Updated on January 23, 2012
This Time
This Time

This is actually the Canadian version of Melanie's fourth album. Definitely the best value out there.


In 2007, Melanie C released the beautiful ballad heavy 'This Time'. Released two years after the blood pumping excitement of 'Beautiful Intentions', I think many people were expecting an album to follow in those footsteps. Instead we got an album that was just the opposite. It seems that Melanie finally got all that anger and frustration off her chest, and this album was her way of saying ok, I'm over it. Let's move on.

Understand - Many fans consider this song to be the best from the album. The opening of the record is an upbeat song that has some electric elements that are very reminiscent of a Coldplay track. Supported by fierce drums and a driving guitar, her voice blends nicely as she belts out about a love that will never be. This was a Canadian exclusive single to help promote the album's release.

What If I Stay - The first of many ballads from the album. Melanie ponders the direction of her flailing relationship while reminiscing about the past. I can really hear the desperation and sadness in her voice. That's actually what endears me to this song.

Protected - Another syrupy ballad, but Melanie sounds absolutely angelic as her voice floats effortlessly above a light drum backing. An underrated wonderful song that deserves a chance to shine.

This Time - One of my personal favorites. A beautiful pop song where she pleads for a brighter future with a loved one. I think my critique about this song is that there are some moments where she could really belt some high notes and show off her beautiful range. A missed opportunity to really make this track golden.

Carolyna - Melanie croons a tragic tale of a young girl trying to make a better life for herself. This uptempo song (well, compared to the rest of the album) is backed by Chili Pepper style ballad guitars. The almost spoken verses help build tension to the explosively dramatic chorus.

Forever Again - This is by far my favorite track off 'This Time'. Yes, another ballad, but the pain in her voice is almost heartbreaking. A piano is the main star of the instruments and it shouldn't be any other way. The bridge brings me close to tears as she wails in passionate despair. Raw and dark, this song conveys those grim emotions perfectly.

Your Mistake - A very soft pop tune. Not quite adult contemporary, but not quite fast enough for regular pop. Melanie's voice is very pure and rings brilliantly over thumping drums and strumming guitars.

The Moment You Believe - This song screams wedding to me. That's not a bad thing in any way, I just think that it would be a great song for a bride and grooms first dance. Her voice soars perfectly in all the right places. Romantic and uplifting, anyone in love should really take a second to savor the song's glorious vocals and sweet message.

Don't Let Me Go - A guitar driven folky type song, featuring song writer Adam Argyle. Honestly, I think this track is one of the weaker ones off the album. However, I can appreciate the notion of the lyrics and the simplicity of the melody.

Immune - A cool ballad that has the passion of a classic 'Walk On By' . The chorus is what makes the song shine. Letting her emotions burst from her chest, she very easily makes me believe her desperate love pleas.

May Your Heart - A very slow ballad. Most people won't have the patience to listen to the whole track. This song makes me think of my daughter and the life I hope she'll be able to lead, and I can't help but tear up. There are actually a few lines in which I think I can hear Melanie smiling as she's singing them. The bridge is the standout section of the song.

Out Of Time - A ticking watch sets the mood for the song. Melanie sings nicely in a higher range showing a bit of versatility. A calm ballad until about halfway when we get a nice rocky chance of pace. There is a lot going on in the background, so you always hear something new each time you listen.

I Want Candy - Melanie covered the classic song which was featured on the film of the same name. I really like her delivery of the tune, since she adds her own little bit of sex appeal. Honestly though, the instrumentals kind of remind me of a mariachi band trying to play a rock song.

'This Time' is Melanie's chance to mellow out just a little after the heart pumping anger that was 'Beautiful Intentions.' Consisting mostly of ballads and softer songs, many consider it a boring album, but I think it's groundbreaking. I've never heard such raw emotions in Melanie's voice before and I think it shows how she's progressed as both a writer and an artist. If you would like to hear more of this album, you can find full songs at

Stand out tracks: 'Forever Again', 'The Moment You Believe', 'Understand'. 'Carolyna'

First single off the album. She focused mainly on Germany, Austria and Switzerland with this one.

'I Want Candy' was released as the first UK single since it was featured for a movie soundtrack.

Worldwide second single from 'This Time'.

Third and final single taken from the album.

A Canadian exclusive single to support the album's release there.

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