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Melanie Martinez: An In Depth Look Into Her Latest Album 'Crybaby'

Updated on January 10, 2017

We were first introduced to Melanie Martinez back in 2012 when she appeared on The Voice. She auditioned with the Britney Spear's song Toxic. Although she didn't actually end up winning, she still wound up in the top 6 and was able to gain a decent amount of popularity.

Finally on August 14th, 2015 she released her first album titled Crybaby. Crybaby is actually representing a character throughout the songs in her album. It's kind of like a fantasy version of Melanie as a child. Melanie says that a lot of the things that have happened to crybaby are similar to things that have actually happened in her own life (but not all). Crybaby also represents the more darker, vulnerable side of her as well.

In her album, you will find that all of the songs are childhood related themes with examples being Teddy Bear and Tag You're It. And although they are childhood themed, the message in the songs have more of a mature nature, more adult-like. Because her voice is soft, sweet sounding, and flowy similar to Lana Del Ray, you wouldn't really expect it, but her lyrics or rather songs in general can be quite morbid. If you want to see for yourself, just watch the Sippy Cup music video! But hey, morbid or not, the things she sings about are real and actually happen sometimes.

Sippy Cup (explicit)

Songs on The Album

1. Cry Baby: This song is mainly about sensitive people, including Melanie herself, who tend to be pretty emotional and who take things too seriously sometimes. I like this song a lot mainly because I think it relates to myself. I have always been a bit overly sensitive and I have tried to overcome it, but it's hard sometimes. This song definitely sets the childlike tone for the album which is why it fits well as the opening song (not to mention the name is also the album title).

2. Dollhouse: This was the first official song I heard from Melanie Martinez that she had written. She released the song/music video well over a year before including it on her album. This song has to do with the misconception of families or just people in general, such as celebrities. You may think they have the perfect life, but behind the curtains there could be a whole lot of issues they just don't want you to see. In this song, the girl (Melanie) seems to be the only one noticing the tragedy around her. Her mother is an alcoholic due to her father's infidelity and in the music video we see her brother smoking cannabis, suggesting that he has a drug problem. Also in the music video, they are portrayed as dolls in a dollhouse that belongs to a little girl. Melanie is trying to explain her reality to the girl throughout the song in hopes that the girl will understand.

3. Sippy Cup: I talked briefly of this song above, telling you that it was somewhat morbid. That's because this song is a sequel to Dollhouse. In this song, we finally see what "goes down in the kitchen." You probably got a pretty good idea of it from the music video, but basically it centers on Crybaby's mother who we already found out is an alcoholic. She drinks out of a sippy cup containing alcohol/syrup. It makes it seem more innocent this way. After the mother finds out her husband is cheating on her, she kills the woman whom he cheated with and him. Then Crybaby wanders the hall and finds their dead bodies. While she is freaking out, her mother comes up behind her and puts her to sleep with chloroform and then she wakes up tied to her bed. At the end of the video, her mother comes in and gives her some sort of drug in a sippy cup which will make her forget the whole evening.

4. Carousel: Carousel was released pretty early on in May of 2014, but was included on this album. The background music to this song was actually featured in the promo for American Horror Story: Freak Show. This song involves Crybaby's first love interest. She is able to capture how people feel when they first fall in love, but is also able to include the reality of it which turns out to be a toxic, one sided relationship. Throughout the song, she seems to keep going in circles, glued on tight to the carousel never able to catch up to him. In the end, she just ends up in the beginning where she started.

5. Alphabet Boy: In this song, it involves the same boy in Carousel. Unlike that song though, she is able to realize that he is unworthy and doesn't deserve her. "I know my ABC's, yet you keep teaching me" and "You think you're smarter than me with all your bad poetry" are examples of how he thinks he is better than her, but she tells him that "I'm not a little kid now, watch me get big now" meaning she is able to make her own decisions and that he is certainly not smarter than her. You tell 'em Crybaby!

6. Soap: When you were little, you may have had your mouth washed out with soap if you said something naughty/disrespectful. Melanie describes this song as her being selfish. In it, she is re-falling in love after being heartbroken by the guy in Carousel. Every time she says that she loves him, it's like throwing a toaster in the bath tub. So she washes her mouth out with soap so she'll stop saying she loves him basically.

7. Training Wheels: I am in love with the melody of this song. This song is a metaphor about going into the next step in a relationship, similar to taking training wheels off a bike. It's a love song. Definitely a different tone when comparing it Sippy Cup or Tag You're It.

8. Pity Party: In this song, Crybaby invites a boy she likes, Johnny, and her friends to her party. When they don't show up, she gets more and more sad/upset and eventually goes crazy popping balloons with a knife and ripping up her stuffed animals. She has a total tantrum and starts to embrace the crazy, insane side of herself more towards the end of the song. You might also notice the lines "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" is taken from the famous Lesley Gore song "It's My Party." Also interestingly enough, the scream in the song is not actually Melanie's.

9. Tag, You're It: When you first listen to this song, you immediately imagine people pulling up next to kids offering them free candy which they can obtain by getting into the creepy van they are most likely in. We also know the title of this song as a popular kids game where once you're tagged you have to chase everyone until you tag someone else, etc. Tag, You're It is a song where Crybaby is alone and vulnerable. A wolf in a van kidnaps her and takes her to his basement. The wolf is disguised as an ice cream man. It also sounds like this is somewhat related to Red Riding Hood. This song is a prequel to another song on the album called Milk And Cookies.

10. Milk And Cookies: Like I just mentioned above, this is a sequel to Tag, You're It. It is about Crybaby killing her kidnapper with poisonous milk and cookies. This song, like Pity Party, is where we see her being kind of insane again. But hey, she was trapped in a basement, she was just trying to save herself. Maybe it's more of the sense that she's okay with it that's concerning? Fun Fact: In the beginning when she says 1,2..etc. it's based off of the Freddy Kreuger song. Extra creepy but cool as well!

11. Pacify Her: This is the point in the album where Crybaby is clearly and utterly insane and we all know it. She doesn't care about guys anymore (although she may still deep down), she just wants to get rid of the girl that they're with for fun. I think because of all of the conflicts with love before, this is her twisted way of getting revenge.

12. Mrs. Potato Head: This is another song I love on the album. It talks about plastic surgery. Melanie does mention that she isn't trying to bash people who get or have plastic surgery, but rather questioning why they do it when they're already beautiful without it. "They stick pins in ya, like a vegetable" is a line in this song that is saying how we make changes to ourselves all the times as if we were toys, like Mrs. Potato Head. I really admire this song because every thing she says in this is true. I wish more people would realize that they don't need to change their outer appearance in order to be perceived as more beautiful. You already are beautiful!

13. Mad Hatter: We all know the Mad Hatter is crazy, and hey, so is Crybaby. This is where Crybaby finally accepts the fact that she is crazy, and thinks that all the best people are too. She doesn't want to be normal because she is fine with who she is.

On the deluxe version of the album, there are 3 songs that I won't be going in depth with at this time but I will still mention: Play Date, Teddy Bear, and Cake.


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    • Mikkingu profile image

      Mikki Nguyen 

      24 months ago from Baldwin Park

      I can relate to many of her songs, or rather Crybaby's story. Not entirely, not spot on, but songs like Crybaby or Soap is relate-able, to I am sure plenty of listeners. I admire her work, and the fact that not many artist direct their music videos, that I find is really impressive.

    • Mercedesmedlin profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      @ChattyChat I love how she did that too and dollhouse was the first song I heard from her as well! Definitely one of my favorite artists.

    • Chatty Chat profile image


      2 years ago from Planet Earth

      I love Melanie Martinez's artistic style in this album: combining childish things with dark, serious themes. Dollhouse is the first original song I heard from her. The song is so messed up and tragic. However, it's a song that a lot of people can relate: putting fake expressions in public while hiding all the bad stuff inside.

    • Mercedesmedlin profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Yes, I love her fashion sense as well! I like how she stays true to herself and is unique. She definitely has a big future ahead of her and I can't wait for the rest of her music videos to come out!

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      I've followed Melanie's career since her audition on The Voice and I really love the character of Crybaby that she's created. Her fashion sense is totally wicked as well and I love it when she wears Lolita fashion - typically Angelic Pretty or Baby, The Stars Shine Bright - the two most well known Sweet Lolita clothing brands. :)


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