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Melbourne Shuffle – What is it and how to learn to shuffle?

Updated on December 18, 2011

Melbourne Shuffle: An Introduction

Most prefer to do it in the club, some prefer to do it in their back yards, many like to do it at train stations, some prefer to do it in the parking lot, some may even do it on the streets, many like to do it inside malls once they are shut, and you can do it anywhere you want!

I am talking about Melbourne Shuffle. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read on to find out more about a dance that is gripping, addictive and electrifying. Know more about this dance and learn how to do the Melbourne Shuffle.

What is the Melbourne Shuffle?

Melbourne Shuffle is a dance form that originated in the underground party scene in Melbourne in the late 80s. Melbourne Shuffle is associated with trance music, or more appropriately, hard-style music. The beats are fast, and so are the movements.

Why is it called the Melbourne Shuffle?

Melbourne Shuffle requires movements of the heel and the toe which makes the person look like they're 'shuffling' from one place to the other. That's the reason why it was called 'Melbourne Shuffle'.

I like to call shufflers 'gliders' because they seem to simply glide all over the place. Melbourne Shuffle also involves a lot of foot movement, which may seem like foot-stomping, but it's not!

Melbourne Shuffle - The shuffle barbie

What you need before you learn how to do the Melbourne Shuffle

Did you think that you could simply just 'start learning' Melbourne Shuffle? No ways! Here are some of the things that are a must before you learn how to shuffle.

1) Phat Pants

I think Phat Pants are cool. They are narrow at the waist keep getting wider down to the legs. They will enclose your feet at the bottom. How cool is that? Shufflers usually decorate the phat pants with reflective strips and designs to give it the 'oomph' and the 'appeal'.

I love the way that these phat pants move and sway when people shuffle. Not only will phat pants look great, they'll feel comfortable too!

2) Flat Soled Shoes

Forget shuffling in your big boots, heels, or any other shoes. You will need flat soled shoes. I'd suggest that you go for a pair of funky looking Converse shoes to start with.

3) A Hoodie

Okay I'll be honest. A hoddie is not a requirement to shuffle, but hey, if you are going to learn the shuffle, why not look the part too? You will never spot the average shuffler in the Melbourne CBD or the train station without a Hoodie. Let's call it a clothing essential for the Melbourne Shuffle.

How to learn to do the Melbourne Shuffle

Now that you have the right outfit for Melbourne Shuffle, let me guide you to links, videos and tutorials that you can use to learn how to do the Melbourne Shuffle. I had the benefit of a friend teaching me how to do it. But I can understand that people living in other parts of the world may not be that lucky.

You can start learning straight away in the comfort of your own home with these fantastic videos, tutorials and guideline.

T Step

The T Step is the basic step that you must pick up when you learn to shuffle. Below is a video that breaks the T Step into slow parts which are easy to learn. So watch, learn and practice the T Step. It will only be a matter of time before you master it.

Melbourne Shuffle Basics - T Step

Melbourne Shuffle Compilation Videos

There are many Melbourne Shuffle compilation videos on YouTube that you can watch and learn. These are a great way to start off after you've got the basic steps right. You can pick up variations in hand and feet movements.

Melbourne Shuffle Video

Melbourne Shuffle Video

Melbourne Shuffle Video

Links to Melbourne Shuffle Videos, Tutorials and Forums

Here are links to websites that you can visit to know more and how to learn Melbourne Shuffle. is a great website for shuffling videos. Learn Basic Moves, Hardstyling, Kicks, Spins and much more. is a forum style website that has active users who give tips and share information about Melbourne Shuffle. You will find Shuffle Videos, Melbourne Shuffle Tutorials and an Events section which covers events across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA / Canada and Asia. is also a forum style website, and one of my favourites. Shuffle through sections like Shuffle Videos, Shuffling Help, Clothing, and a Market Section to buy and sell. How cool is that?

Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool is an exhaustive blog. I got lost in the tons of videos, events and links. I suggest that you use this blog only when you're a bit familiar with what Melbourne Shuffle is and some cool lingo that goes with it.

You should also try to get your hands on a documentary titled the Melbourne Shuffler.

Melbourne Shuffle International

Don't be surprised if you are travelling in Malaysia and you find people doing the Melbourne Shuffle! That's because Malaysian students who were studying in Melbourne took back the dance form and taught it to their friends. Since then, Melbourne Shuffle become quite popular among Malaysian students.

If you like to attend rave parties around the world, you can expect to spot shufflers shuffling away to beats of trance and hard-trance music.

For exciting travel tips on Melbourne, check out my other hubs at Princesswithapenon HubPages.

Melbourne Shuffle Girl (original)


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    • princesswithapen profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Hi Husky

      You're right, tt is a fund dance! If you ever get a chance to visit Melbourne, you'll see teenagers doing the Melbourne Shuffle in the little nooks and corners of streets and laneways. I just like to sit, watch and take lots of pictures! (I'm not the dancer types)

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great hub with excellent videos. Looks like a fun dance. Makes me wish I were a bit younger.


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