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Memory music that makes me cry

Updated on September 25, 2012

Memories of sweet love and burning pain

The question was: Which are the three pieces of music guaranteed to take you back in time or make you cry, and why?

Music has always been a major part of my life and my memories. I thought that I could answer this question quickly and easily. But I was wrong. The tears stopped me from continue many times. Finally I put together the songs chosen (I have many). So here is the result.

Ginny Come Lately

c1930 Holland Dunes Duinen Dunen Dunas Netherlands - Original Photogravure
c1930 Holland Dunes Duinen Dunen Dunas Netherlands - Original Photogravure

Holland's sand dunes at sunset with an image of a man silhouetted against the sky. It is important to plant grass and bushes to make the sand stay there.


Holland and the grand sandbanks

Miles and miles of sandbanks are protecting the Netherlands towards the Atlantic Ocean. Because of it, the people have so much more land to cultivate and get produce from. Windmills are pumping up clean water to water the plants and supply the people. The Hollanders say that God made the world, but the Hollander made the Netherlands

These sand banks are so wide that you can drive cars on them. Two ways streets are on most of them with parking areas here and there along the way.
One day very long ago, I was sitting in a car with handsome boy, and they played Ginny come lately on the radio.

We were quite silent because of the scenery in front of us. There were three great thunderstorms out over the Ocean. We could hear the lightning in the radio, and the thunder overpowered the radio music. The situation was surreal, and I had tears behind my eyelids. Every time since then, I am really touched in my heart when I hear this music.

You can see the sandbanks on the map


Song number TWO

One Saturday a cold winter day in Sweden, my husband and I were invited to a pot luck party. We packed the accordion for my man, and the snare drum for me. Just if somebody wanted to listen. We came into a big open room with lots of nice people gathered. On one wall was a piano, but they had used it to put away the jackets and coats on.

We had chili con carne and visited a couple of hours. Then unannounced, a young man took away the clothes from the piano and started to play softly and without being asked. I looked at my husband, and he smiled. We went out to the car and got our instruments. There was a shout of joy when we came back. My mate was very good at playing, and I just drummed along.

We had just started with some evergreens when another man came in the door with a guitar. He smiled at us, unpacked his instrument and just joined us. Then we played Creedens Clearwater Revival - "Have you ever seen the rain". I still remember the joy of us four playing so well together and the others started to dance !! Why I get tears in my eyes not is because the music stopped when my husband died.

I cant stop loving you

The third song is this

I can’t stop loving you
So I’ve made up my mind
To live in memory
Of such an old lonesome time

I can’t stop wanting you
It’s useless to say
So I’ll just live my life
In dreams of yesterday.

Those happy hours
That we once knew
Though long ago,
They still make me blue

They say that time
Heals a broken heart
But time has stood still
Since we’ve been apart

So hurtful and so wonderful songs

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    • midget38 profile image

      Michelle Liew 

      6 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks for sharing something so heart-rending, irenemaria. These songs would be on my list as well! I enjoyed this hub!

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      6 years ago from The Beautiful South

      I am sad to know about your lose too. I have never heard Ginny Come Lately but I love CCR, or most of what they did. Your memories would not be so sad I know if they weren't so lovely so you can be thankful for that. Voted up and may your memories bring you smiles.

    • profile image

      CJ Sledgehammer 

      6 years ago


      I am rather shocked that you played the drums and deeply saddened that you lost your loving mate.

      I am so sorry to hear of your loss, but I am absolutely sure that you made him so very happy in this life and if his faith is equal to yours, he will be even more happy in Heaven with Christ our Lord!

      My brother-in-law is a big Credance Clearwater Revival (CCR) fan. I always thought their sound was a little harsh for my delicate ears, but who can argue taste?

      Thank you for inviting us to walk with you down Memory Lane and for showing us, yet another part of your lovely personality and character.

      May God bless my friend, Irenemaria, abundantly and ease her pain and suffering with new hope and many new-found joys - C.J. Sledgehammer

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 

      6 years ago from Lincolnshire, U.K

      Hello Irene, thank you for such an emotional respond to my question, I must admit, all your choices would be in my top ten list also.

      So sorry to hear you lost your soul mate you both sound amazing. Its painful sometimes but its good to remember. all the best.


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