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Men Don't Hate Movies With Women Leads

Updated on July 5, 2018
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Ocean's 8


Are the claims justified?

The history of cinema is full of great, excellent films that will forever remain classics. For many people, movies like The Godfather, Alien, Rosemary's Baby and Million Dollar Baby among others are always mentioned when people talk about great movies. Apart from these, there are many others that definitely deserve honorable mentions because of the impact they had on the general audience. These films are great, not simply because they had male or female leads, but because of excellent story-telling, and the fact that these leads did a great job. Many men, as well as women, will agree that movies like Alien (at least the first two alien movies), Terminator, Million Dollar Baby, Rosemary's baby, The Exorcist, and Let the right one in, among so many others are great, memorable films. Many, if not all, of these films, will be mentioned when someone talks about some of the best films ever made.

These and many other great films had and will continue to have female leads. Given that these films were enjoyed and loved by the general audience (both men and women), then it is simply unfair to claim that men hate movies with women leads. One of the biggest problems here is that these complaints are often common with films that are not particularly as good as the creators and actors would have wished. For instance, if we were to compare movies like Black Swan or Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (movies that a majority of people loved) and a movie like 2016 Ghostbusters (a movie that split the audience) it becomes evident that the claim that men hate women in movies are more common when a film has not been as successful as was hoped.

Three Billboards


Great movies will always do great

Today, more than ever, claiming that there is an agenda to make certain movies look bad has become the norm in Hollywood. This was the case with other films like 2017 Baywatch and 2016 Ghostbusters among several others. This is a bad habit that needs to stop given that there are many movies with the very same actors that people have enjoyed in the past. It, therefore, becomes insulting when the very same actors and filmmakers make such comments about the very same audience that loved their movies in the past. Imagine a scenario in which Sigourney Weaver thanked the general public for their reception of the movie Alien (1979) but later criticized them for not liking Alien: Resurrection as much. Such criticism would be unjustified given that while the first Alien film is a classic, Alien: Resurrection is not as great. Both male and female audience would agree with this.


Roger Ebert, a film critic, referred to the film, A million dollar baby, a masterpiece, pure and simple. This types of reviews have also been given to many other films with women leads.

Unfair criticism?

Whether is it simply done with intentions of creating publicity or otherwise, claims that men in general hate movies with female leads are unfair and wrong. Good movies with either male or female leads will always be well received and praised as was the case with 2016, The Handmaiden and 2016, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri among many others. Audiences, both male, and female want and expect great movies. If this is not delivered, then they will definitely complain whether the movie had male or female leads. Of late, movies like Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean among many others with male leads have been receiving mixed or poor reviews because they are not as great as they once were. This is also the case with average or below average movies with women leads. It, therefore, makes no sense to claim that a movie did poorly at the box office (or that it received poor ratings) simply because one gender had decided to hate it. This habit simply needs to stop. Simply expecting the audience to enjoy any film released will ultimately water down the quality of movies and dumb people down to simply accept anything. Hollywood should do better because they are capable of doing better. This has been shown to the case with so many other films.

Sarah Connor


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