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Men in Black III Movie Review

Updated on July 8, 2012

Men in Black III: Recommended

This movie brought together well aspects of the two previous movies. There is also an interesting twist- maybe - toward the end.

Men in Black III brings together several things into one movie. The idea of alternate time lines, time travel, an alien invasion, and the comedic interplay between Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith).

General Premise

The general plot line follows the disappearance of Agent K from the timeline in which Agent J exists. The new MIB director realizes that Agent J has been part of a temporal shift because he demonstrates the typical signs of time travel. You know them: confusion, aggravation, and a craving for chocolate milk.

Working with the new director, Agent O, Smith realizes that Agent K is in fact missing. The two realize that the time-altering event must have occurred in July, 1969. That is when MIB history recorded his death.

Agent O is able to give Agent J the name of Jeffrey Price (Michael Chernus), the son of the original time travel inventor, Obadiah Price.

Time "Jump"

Agent J Travels Back in Time

J finds Price and is able to make a time "jump" back to July 15th, 1969. His plan is to intercept Boris the Animal. In the original timeline, Agent K had captured and imprisoned Boris and managed to annihilate Boris' people as they attempted to invade and destroy earth.

In the timeline J left, K was dead and earth was under invasion from a massive fleet of ships which have been traveling the galaxy and eating the contents of entire living planets.

J Convinces K he is from the Future

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men in black III

Boris the Animal

The enemy in Men in Black III is "Boris the Animal". He is an alien, of course. Boris has a symbiotic creature living in each hand. This creature can run errands and even kill enemies. In the opening scene, a Boris groupie visits him at the Lunar Max prison. The critter (which looks like a mini of the primary attack bugs from Starship Troopers) jumps from a cake and kills two Lunar Max guards.

At this point in time, Boris the Animal has only his right arm. The critter removes the stainless steel encasement, and the arm becomes a weapon, as it was previously. The critter crawls up Boris, whose palms opens up, allowing the critter to return to his bed. (These scenes do churn the stomach a little.)

And, Boris makes his escape. First, however, he kills just one of the other inmates.

Two backstory events play into Boris' motivation to escape. First, Boris lost his arm when he was arrested by Agent K many years in the past. Second, the inmate Boris killed shared special information: he invented a time machine, and his son on earth could send Boris back in time- for revenge.


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    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 5 years ago from Wv

      nice review.

      I a m going to try to go see this movie soon!

    • RunAbstract profile image

      RunAbstract 5 years ago from USA

      I can't WAIT to see this movie. And I will as sson as possible!

      Thanks for the review!

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 5 years ago from London, UK

      Lol. I just watched the clip. That was a very long line for Will Smith to say and he said it so fast.

      Thanks for the review. I look forward to watching it.