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Merlin: A Review

Updated on February 11, 2012

OK, it seems that whenever I find a good series on Netflix, it usually means the show is no longer airing. I am pleased to tell you I finally found one that still is. It is called Merlin and is about the adventures of young Merlin as he seeks to fulfill his destiny of protecting Arthur so that Albion might live.

There are a few things a bit different in this show from the Arthurian tales I remember. All the key players are present, yet not quite as we know them. In the old tales, Morgana was Arthurs half sister and Mordred was their illegitimate son who grows up to fulfill his destiny of killing Arthur. In this show, Camelot existed long before Arthur is born, and is ruled by his father Uther Pendragon. Uther has outlawed magic ever since his wife died giving birth to Arthur (she conceived through the use of magic). Merlin becomes Arthurs servant, but must never let him know he can do magic, which makes using it to keep Arthur alive a bit difficult. Gwenivere is also a servant, to the Lady Morgana, Uthers ward.

Uther has imprisoned the last dragon under Camelot, and it is this dragon who tells Merlin what his destiny is, and gives Merlin much advice, most of which Merlin refuses to follow.

Merlin is willing to lay down his life for Arthur. Arthur never had anyone so loyal as Merlin is. He grudgingly comes to accept that his servant is not cowardly, and begins to lean more and more on Merlin as time goes by.

Arthur also finally admits he loves Gwen, but such a marriage can never happen, at least so long as his father Uther is king.

I have found that the types of movies and shows I watched when younger do not have quite the pull on my interest now that I am older. Yes, there are still many I do still enjoy, but for the most part, what draws my interest today is acts of loyalty and courage and love. Merlin has all of these and more. The first three seasons can be seen on Netlflix online streaming, and I would suggest you watch those first. Then if you like it enough, the first episodes of season 4 can be bought and downloaded from iTunes. If you have cable or better, the show airs on Fridays, at 9 o'clock Central time. Otherwise, if you are like me and don't keep a tv in the house, you can continue to download each episode as it airs. It also airs on BBC One, but I do not know what time.

edit; I just discovered all of Merlin Season 4 episodes can be seen on YouTube. sweet.


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