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Mermaids The New Evidence

Updated on May 27, 2013

Mermaids The New Evidence aired on television in the United States on May 26, 2013. This is the sequel to Mermaids The Body Found.

In this episode new video footage is seen of these sea creatures but what gives these mermaids truth is them taking the exact head and tail shape of all mermaids from several different sources of media. The shape of the head and tail identically matches a photograph from the Smithsonian institute in the late 1800's and a March 6, 2013 video taken from an Iceland government worker. Each person could have falsified the photo or video, making it fake by creating their own head shape or tail shape of the sea beast. But the photo and video was not altered.

The United States Navy have been conducting sonar blasts' in an attempt to find mermaids. These blasts' have been causing massive marine animal beachings that range anywhere between 8 dolphins to 60 pilot whales. Sometimes the mermaids are washed ashore with the dolphins and the first people to investigate are the United States Navy. The Navy have been keeping extreme confidentiality about their beach findings saying anyone who has seen a mermaid has most likely seen nothing more than a seal.

Well the evidence has spoken for itself and the world has concluded that mermaids do exist in the ocean like how mariners have proved their existence in ancient fishing stories from long ago.


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