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Mermaids and The NOAA

Updated on June 8, 2014

NOAA Says Mermaids Exist

NOAA Says Mermaids Exist
NOAA Says Mermaids Exist | Source


Who is fooling who is the question one might ask. If they are for real, let us see them on the television and end the frustration of not knowing for ourselves. The Internet and news are not the most reliable sources in this matter. In trying to find out more, research into NOAA about mermaids is needed. The NOAA states that there is no existence of mermaids to be found in our oceans and that they do not exist, as a search on the Internet finds. So back to square one on do they exist or not. First the NOAA informs us they exist and then they say that mermaids don’t exist. Confusing as our government is, this is not unusual information.

We never seem to get the truth from anyone that has sources with the government or the news. They tell us what we want to hear and what we don’t want to hear. This is 2013, and it is hard to decipher who is telling the truth. Of course, it is hardly imaginable to think that a model looking women with bare breast and a fish tale actually exist, it does make for a fact finding story to know the truth about these new stories that are put on the Internet and on television. I guess the truth is that we verily will not know the truth unless we come across a mermaid in our lifetime. The added idea of something so enthralling could exist is a dream come true. It would appear we will just have to dream about them,watch movies, and question the thought of what if mermaids are real or just an old sailor story from our past.

NOAA Says Mermaids Exist

Mermaids and the beautiful thoughts of them being alive would be phenomenal. Could this be true in our world today? According to Weekly World News the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that mermaids actually exist in the warmer waters around the Caribbean. This would seem unusually unreal and why have we not been informed about this? There is according to the World Wide News, a place in the USA where the government has captured seven mermaids. They are being kept in an aquarium, where studies are taking place as we breathe. The report goes on to say that even the President of the USA has seen these mermaids and was impressed. Here is the link of this report It makes one wonder what they look like if indeed this is true.

For centuries, we have heard of mermaids existence and the movies have shown their existence as beautiful half fish and half women, ocean dwellers. To think that these are indeed a reality is hard to swallow. you tube videos are hard to believe as so much can be done to photography and film that they are not reliable sources. However, when you have the NOAA saying that yes these mermaids exist in all of our oceans, and they swarm as dolphins swam in the oceans, makes a fantasy almost real. The reliability of the World Wide News could be questioned also, yet recently a program by Animal Planet, called “Mermaids: The Body Found,” on their existence has one wondering about the validity of a mermaid.

Mermaids "The Green Sea"


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