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Metalocalypse (Adult Swim Cartoon) Review

Updated on July 28, 2014

[Adult Swim] is well-known for its hilariously silly cartoons and animation shows for adults, such as Robot Chicken, King of the Hill and Squidbillies. I recently checked out Metalocalypse, a show about a famous, rich and, of course, completely brainless fictional metal band who get into all sorts of shenanigans. Members of the government are constantly monitoring their moves, and insist that everything the band does - for example, dating or taking up a religion - has a tremendous impact on the entire world.

This review doesn't contain spoilers, but explains Metalocalypse's type of humour, briefly outlines the characters, describes its ideal audience, and explores other features.

The opening music is amusing, catchy and actually pretty cool, if you're into rock and/or metal music. It portrays how important and talented the band, Dethklok, is, and briefly introduces each member with lyrics and a guitar riff. Check out the video below for the short introduction to Metalocalypse, named "Deththeme".



If you're familiar with [Adult Swim] cartoons, then you may agree that shows such as Robot Chicken can be a little hit and miss with their references and punchlines. Metalocalypse continued the same kind of silly, nonsense humour, very slapstick based on slips of the tongue, puns, and exaggerated violence, especially that of which is 'below the belt' or 'edgy'. In my opinion, Metalocalypse is less clumsy than Robot Chicken, and maintains a level of humour, mini-punchlines, and crazy twists that keep the ten-minute episodes extremely entertaining.

The humour worked. Maybe I'm biased because I absolutely love rock and metal music, but I really liked this show after just ten minutes of watching it. It was beyond stupid, and that was great. If you prefer intelligent humour, or shows with real meanings or plotlines, you might want to avoid this show. However, if you're in the mood for something silly to watch with your friends, this might just be perfect for you.

If you enjoy shows like Family Guy and Squidbillies, you'll probably enjoy it like I did. The Swedish member of the band, Skwisgaar, speaks in an exaggerated accent, mixing his non-plurals for plurals and vice versa, and sometimes adding random extra letters in his words. "If we dies tonights, I'll see you in Valhaska."

Band members
Band members | Source


Deep character development isn't as important in comedies as it is in serious movies and TV shows, however, the band members, and some smaller characters, play an important role in the storyline (which is loose and ridiculous, but a storyline all the same).

Nathan Explosion is the lead singer, a huge, arguably stereotypical-looking metal singer, with long, black hair, big boots and a permanent frown. Other band members include Swedish Skwisgaar, Pickles, Murderface and Toki, who are all funny in their own quirky ways and bounce off each other very well.


Do watch this show if:

  • You enjoy adult humour
  • You don't mind a little slapstick violence
  • You like rock and/or metal music (not essential, but if you hate this kind of music then you probably won't be keen on the show)
  • You enjoy other [Adult Swim] cartoons

It's probably best to avoid this show if:

  • You don't like violence in shows
  • You prefer intelligent humour, or humour that makes perfect sense
  • You don't like "random" humour
  • You despise rock and/or metal music

I personally loved this show, and was disappointed that only one season was available to watch on Netflix.



Season 1 of Metalocalypse was released in 2006, and consists of twenty ten-minute episodes. Three more series have been released since, but with less episodes (nineteen for series 2, ten for series 3, and twelve for series 4). This is a common feature of [Adult Swim] comedies; Squidbillies also wrapped up a storyline into a ten-minute episode, delivering as many punchlines and jokes as possible in that time frame.

I've only seen one season of Metalocalypse so far, but I really love what I've seen. It's funny, it's NSFW, and ideal to watch with a partner or friends (NOT children or parents). If you're in the mood for a goofy comedy show, this is the cartoon for you.

One last thing - watch this with subtitles, if you can. The show is in English, but sometimes can be a little difficult to understand. To catch all the punchlines, opt to have subs on. This is up to you, of course. I award Metalocalypse five stars out of five.

5 stars for Metalocalypse


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    • profile image

      Tom 2 years ago

      Huge fan of this show. I came looking for goofy rock and metal based humor, and not only did I get that, but I also got an amazing track of rock and metal music. I just wish I didn't hate Dr rockso so much :). Great article.