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Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor (1990)

Updated on December 31, 2015

Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor (1990)

Not to be confused with the Italian bore-fest 'Metamorphosis' (1990) directed by George 'Ironmaster' Eastman.
No not that film…
I'm talking about 'Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor' (1990), directed by Glenn Takakjian and produced by Ted A. Bohus, who created the special effects for the indie monster splatter classic 'The Deadly Spawn' (1983).

'Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor' was originally penned as a sequel to 'The Deadly Spawn' however there is no real connection to the latter film.
'Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor' doesn't have to live off of the back of another classic film, THIS IS THE REAL DEAL, sequel or stand alone movie 'Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor' is its own slice of awesomeness, far surpassing the charms and thrills of its predecessor.
'Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor' is a stone cold forgotten classic, and a truly overlooked special effects extravaganza.
Although released in 1990 'Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor' is a true testament to 1980s cheese-ball monster movies of the likes of 'Terror Vision' (1986), 'Evil Dead 2' (1987) and The Fly 2 (1989).

The story is nonsensical but fun, with an ending that took me completely by surprise… The only downside is the actors; they are as over the top and cheesy as you can get in a low budget film.
However the bad goofy acting gives this film the charm it needs, as it lightens the tone of the movie right down to a shade of neon pink, because this could have become a pretentious monster movie trying to take itself way to seriously; thankfully the goofy plot, and the even goofier actors never let that happen.
The film also feels at times incomplete, that maybe some sequences were not filmed due to budgetary reasons, though the filmmakers have made their best efforts to mask this, it still feels like something is missing.

But you don’t come to see 'Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor' for gripping story telling or deep majestic characters… No you come to see 'Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor' for the effects, the gore, the monsters, this film delivers the goods ten fold.

The creature effects in 'Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor' are unique, original and highly detailed, mixing both stop-motion animation with live action practical effects to perfection, neither one feels out of place and they are all surprisingly professionally done.
There is no better bad movie than this, the effects are magnificent with so much verity on offer it will make you question how nobody ever talks about this movie more.

Is 'Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor' better than 'The Deadly Spawn'? No it is not, but is it worse than 'The Deadly Spawn'? No… But are the monster and the effects better than 'The Deadly Spawn'? Yes they are
'Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor' is its own movie and should be viewed as such. This really is an underrated classic, which many have overlooked.
'Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor' needs to be seen to be believed, and needs more love from audiences of trash cinema than it already has... It is a B grade movie with A grade effects... I watched this on an old VHS and would love to see this on Blu-Ray.

It is so obvious that the filmmakers were pouring their hearts and soul into this movie, and for it to go unrecognised for so long is a travesty.
I give 'Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor' a solid 3 out of 5 stars, mostly because of all of the crazy creature effects.
If you can find a copy of 'Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor' I implore you to get it and watch it, this is one film that will not disappoint you, its fun, exciting and fresh, in every department other than story and acting, however the ending was strong.

I really do not want to go into to much detail, as I would hate to ruin your experience of this movie.
You should just go out and watch it… also many of the trailers contain major spoilers for the film, the trailer below contains the least spoilers I could find.


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    • SteveSunpire profile image

      Steve Sunpire 2 years ago from England

      'Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor'... it may be rough around the edges but it packs a punch that most films can only dream about.

      defo worth a watch... taking into account the abundance of bad movies on home entertainment systems, and the endless lists of what people call the best worst movies, or best special effects... its just surprising this one is not mentioned more as it has more than most other films.

      that being said it is a bad film... not as bad as 'Blue Monkey' though lol

    • FatFreddysCat profile image

      Keith Abt 2 years ago from The Garden State

      I thought this was going to be about the "other" "Metamorphosis" flick (the George Eastman one) - which I've seen, and which is, as you mentioned, godawful indeed.

      I'm not familiar with this one but I have seen "Deadly Spawn" so if it's from the same people, then on the "stuff I gotta see" list it goes!!