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Mic Familiar-Illustrious Days(EP Review)

Updated on January 8, 2013

Mic Familiar is a talented young MC and Illustrious Days is his latest work and it shows a lot of promise and creativity. For Mic Familiar has a very distinct and good rapper voice that adds to his wise guy personality he gives me. Sonically his influences ring loud and clear with atmospheric alternative rap sounds in the background accompanying him much in the same way they would an Aesop Rock or an EL-P(Though much less sonically detailed of course).

Mic Familiar skills are apparent but it’s his content I find myself enjoying when I listen to this album. Some of the tracks talk about looking past stereotypes that comes with our outer appearance and how that effects others preconceived notions of us(Ill Mind Of An Optimist). Mic Familiar is very observant of the current rap scene and the world around him and this see’s him reflecting on how that could effect is his future(half empty).

So all in all I enjoyed this EP lots of interesting sounds and Mic Familiar shows himself to be not only a good MC but possibly a thought provoking one. The choruses on the album are pretty catchy as well when they come in so that’s also a plus. Anyone interested in some indie rap should definitely check this out!

Rating: 8.0/10

By: Patrick Griffin II


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