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Michael Chop Baez

Updated on August 29, 2016

Michael Baez Miami

Michael Baez Miami
Michael Baez Miami | Source

Entrepreneur Mike Baez

Michael Baez is well known in the music industry for all that he does behind the scenes, however many people do not know the other Entrepreneur Michael Baez. Currently he is working on a Movie and TV series centered around the drug epidemic in New York during the1980s & 1990s. In the fall of 2016 – his partnership in a new high tech and luxury 6,000 square foot Medical Spa in Miami will be open to the public. The medical spa will offer Cyro therapy, IV, Botox, Aging regiments, cool sculpting working with Miami’s top rate and well known doctors for high end cliental. Michael also dabbed in to the restaurant world, becoming an investor in several restaurant projects in Miami. Currently working with his good friend Chef Bee who is most known for "Nai-Ya-Ra" in sunset Harbour and "Oshi Thai Sushi" in North Miami Beach. Last but not least Michael Baez launched the biggest deal he would have ever foreseen. Early in 2016, Michael and a partner closed almost a 20-million-dollar deal. The basis of the company relays on a patient- hospital relationship with a few of the major hospitals from west to the east coast. Providing patients with the ability to receive testing in a hospital setting rather than going to a specialty doctor or out-patient care. The testing will include toxicology, blood tests, internal medicine cardiology special testing for things such as– allergens heavy metals, pathology, biopsy, and genetic testing for cancer.


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