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Michael Jackson Father & Friend

Updated on June 26, 2013

Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service was done with a spirit of excellence and sensitivity. A man that was a legend but so much more …father, friend, humanitarian … the list is unending.

Three things stood out to me … Of course, the most obvious was his precious daughter Paris’s momentary words reminding us that Michael was more than just an icon, he was her daddy. Paris Jackson’s brief statement touched me more than anything anybody else said or did. Here is a little girl who has lost her father. We as a people and a nation have lost absolutely nothing compared to that … She will never be held by her daddy, hear his voice saying that he loves her, or feel his kiss upon her forehead again. A void that can’t be filled … her daddy, Michael Jackson is gone.

Secondly, Brooke Shields account of their friendship as children into their adulthood. She painted a picture of Michael that I had never considered he was more than a legend... he was a friend. A friend that stood closer than a brother to some and to others a friend that needed them in his darkest hours. She told us about his favorite songs and how he loved to play practical jokes. She made him human.

Thirdly, the closing prayer pointed you to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It was actually the part of the service that ministered the most and gave God glory. The minister gave God praise for His creation of Michael Jackson and his talent. And I heard these words … “the King of Pop is bowing down in worship to the King of Kings.” I certainly hope and pray that is the case.

To hear the accolades of Michael Jackson also brought me to a place I thought I never would be … missing him. You see, I am not a fan but I do remember as a little girl thinking that he was cute and to be honest that was probably the only time that I might have had a little crush on him. I remember him as the cute little lead singer of the Jackson Five. He was so adorable and his innocence had not been tarnished by the “life” just yet. He was confident and secure in who he was and it was apparent in the way that he carried himself.

Somewhere along the way, the boy became a man in body but I don’t think that ever happened for him in spirit. I believe that Michael remained a child until the day of his death. A child filled with expectation and childlike curiosity. He was a child that believed that he could make a difference and who wasn’t afraid to do something about it. The reality is that he did … he made a difference no matter whether you were his fan or not. Michael will always be loved and missed. My heart and hope is that it will be with dignity.


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