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Michael Jackson - Celebrate the King of Pop

Updated on September 2, 2013

If you look up ‘legendary’ in the dictionary you will find the face of the iconic King of Pop, Michael Jackson. From a young age he was a rising star, beginning his career in the successful family singing group ‘The Jackson 5’. He later moved on to start his solo career at the age of 13, with his first no 1 single ‘Ben’, a ballad about a rat of the same name for the soundtrack of a 1972 movie.

Michael Jackson played a big role in billions of lives; he influenced the greatest performers of today and showed the world what it means to be a true humanitarian. This man was definitely no ‘one hit wonder’. With countless number one hits and awards under his belt, Michael Jackson quickly became the man everyone wanted to be. He changed the face of music and revolutionized dance and fashion. The world still misses him since his passing in 2009 but let’s not mourn the loss of a legend, because even though he left us in person, he still lives with us in his music, his dance and in our hearts. How will you celebrate Michael Jackson? Here are a few ideas.

Neighborhood dance off: Michael Jackson was known for his crazy and out of this world dance moves, so what better way to honor his memory than to gather all your friends, neighbors and family, random strangers and hip golden oldies and start a flash mob in your streets? These seemingly spontaneous dance routines have been done around the world, so take some inspiration from YouTube and start organizing and choreographing your own neighborhood dance rendition of “Thriller” or a mash up of MJ’s most famous moves.

Attend a Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

The best way to celebrate Michael Jackson would be to attend a tribute concert where his greatest hits will be performed live by several artists. Indonesia is certainly in the mood as they have a concert running until 7th September. Head over to Jakarta if you can and enjoy a week of Michael Jackson magic. Sigh, don’t you wish you owned a private jet now? If Jakarta is too far then head off to Australia in October or November and witness the greatest performance of the immortal Cirque Du Soleil.

Watch this video to get a taste of what you will see at this world tour:

Become Michael Jackson’s Lost and Forgotten Twin

Get out your Jerry curl wig and turn the house upside down looking for your dad’s old red leather jacket from the 80’s, because it is time to start your transformation into the legend himself. If you can’t find anything that resembles ‘King of Pop’ fashion then no worries.

The most important items you need to complete your Michael Jackson look are:

A Glittery Glove

If you don’t own one all you need to do is find an old glove, preferably white. Go to your nearest craft shop and buy a bag of sequins and fabric glue. Visit or to order.

Black Pants (make sure they end at your ankles)

Michael Jackson was known for the black pants that showed off his white-as-snow socks. These trademark pants will certainly make you the envy of your MJ clan. So if you have a little brother, go dig in his closet and grab his pants! If they don’t fit, ask your grandma to shorten your old black pants or jeans.

Black pair of formal shoes and the whitest pair of socks you can find

It's not a moonwalk without white socks... remember the white socks!
It's not a moonwalk without white socks... remember the white socks!

You can’t be Michael Jackson if you don’t wear a shiny pair of black formal shoes and white socks. These are the most important items because while you are showing off your perfected moonwalk to your family, all eyes will be on your feet and if they don’t see pearly white socks and black as the midnight sky shoes, people will start panicking (haha, not really) but it adds to the Michael Jackson effect.

The Jacket

Michael Jackson had many jackets throughout the years and all of them were epic and timeless, so you need to decide what you would go for. There are the royal military jackets with the added-on chains. There are also the over the top, blinding yet fabulous sequins jackets, or the famous red leather jacket he wore in The Thriller music video.

And finally – The Wig

Head over to your local wig shop and look for a short dark and curly hair wig. Maybe you know a friend who owns one but that might not be very hygienic. Go visit and find the best wig to add the finishing touches to your Michael Makeover. This is a more stylish choice:

Do Something Charitable

The cool thing about Michael Jackson, apart from music and dance, is that he was very passionate about the Earth and its people, so with every opportunity given he would donate and support charities or get very hands-on by visiting poor countries, hospitals or wherever he can spread the love doing humanitarian work. So in honor of MJ, why not give your time by volunteering at your local charities or choose one of Michael Jackson’s more than 60 supported charity organizations. Touch the hearts of people, just like Michael Jackson touched the hearts of the world.

Music Marathon

What is a Michael Jackson celebratory weekend without the reason why the world first fell in love with him? From morning till night listen to all the greatest hits of Michael Jackson; grab your collection from your Michael Jackson shrine (or am I the only one who has this?) and begin your marathon. How about creating a chronological list of all Michael Jackson’s music? Include The Jackson Five, and see which song will carry you into your slumber... ah the poetic justice.

Armed with great ideas and with a passion for Michael Jackson’s music, let’s show the world this legend will never die out as long as we believe in his work. Long live Michael Jackson, the one and only King of Pop!


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