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Michael Jackson Thriller Album Review

Updated on November 30, 2012

The Pinnacle Of Michael Jackson’s Career

In the early 1980's Rock & Roll music was at a true crossroads. MTV was on cable TV now and rock acts were not just writing a song, but fashioning that song so it could be made into a music video. Oh sure there was music videos from the 1960's and 70's out there, but none of them told a story.

In November 1982 Michael Jackson released his album; Thriller. My personal musical opinion is that the style of the album is basically a funk rockfest. An example of the contemporary funk sound within the album is the song The Girl Is Mine, a duet between Michael and Paul McCarty. Another excellent track is Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ with its fast rockin & horns beat. Personal favorites included Billy Jean and Beat It -with Eddie Van Halen playing guitar.

It was interesting how big the song Thriller became. In October 1983 MTV was literally playing the song three times per hour. It was big and everyone and their parents knew about it. Half music video, half horror flick, it delivered for both young and old alike, not to scary for kids, still enough solid rock for young adults. The song still rules the world of music videos for technical excellence even to this today.

The Thriller Album had a total of nine songs, the two most commercially popular in 1983 were Billy Jean, and Beat It, finishing the year at #2 and #5 respectively on the Billboard Year End Hot 100 Singles chart for that year. In 2003 Rolling Stone Magazine ranked Thriller at #20 out of its 500 greatest albums of all time. With numerous other awards, this album is an interesting chapter in Michael Jackson’s carrier. Perhaps it wasn’t the height of his carrier, but it certainly was the crest of perhaps a few years prior to it. An interesting start to the 1980's musically, giving the start of the decade some variation !


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