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Michael Jackson as We Think

Updated on August 13, 2012

The media is known for making a story out to be something bigger than it is, so it is no surprise that the lives of celebrities are constantly in the spotlight. All major details of their lives are blown up. One of the most famous and ubiquitous stars in the media was Michael Jackson. His life was full of ups and downs. Some people judged him harshly and some judge him with awe. Remembering that idea, people should judge Jackson in separate ways, such as his personal life, his appearance, or his career.

Michael Jackson was scrutinized through his adult life, most of which seemed to get growingly more out of control. For instance, his abusive relationship with his father was a major issue that the media liked to bring to light. Although Jackson was the victim, this attention still gave the pop star negative publicity. What’s more, Jackson defended his father’s, saying that he wouldn’t be the man he was if it weren’t for the treatment his father gave him. Darker still, Jackson was accused of the molestation of children. He then went from being the victim to being the predator. The public grimaced with the alleged remarks of child molestation. Although Jackson was acquitted on molestation charges, people had a hard time clearing their minds of such a taboo accusation.

In addition, and maybe the most powerful and easiest things to judge was Jackson’s appearance, which made people see him as a freak. A disease that turned M.J.’s skin white confused people who were ignorant to what was going on. Rumors began to spread that the pop star was bleaching his skin. Still, M.J.’s nose surgeries created the most controversy when it came to his appearance. At this point in his life, he was deemed the name “Wacko Jacko”, and his obsession with reconstructing his skeletal nose only reinforced the media’s opinion. Some psychologist claim that his abusive relationship with his father and because he was told that he had his father’s nose, Jackson may have been trying to destroy any resemblance he had with his father‘s nose.

With his personal life out of mind, his illustrious career can fairly be judged. Firstly, Jackson was a trailblazer, which earned him the title “The King of Pop”. His voice was raw, aggressive, and unlike anything that could be heard at the time. Adding to his at-times, almost primal singing was his guttural and howling noises. A person could actually feel his energy come through his songs. Jackson, being a true performer, made all aspects of his art exceptional. With the help of directors and producers, Jackson’s music video stood as short stories with stunning visuals at the time. His live performances were punctuated by his ability to move in mind boggling ways. For instances, Jackson was famous for his “moonwalk”, where he appear to be floating across the stage.

M.J’s career was a polar opposite to his controversial personal problems. For some it is hard to see someone without joining one’s profession with one’s personal life. His disfigurement and skin tone may have caught people of guard, and his mental condition and legal trouble may be a dark one, but when it came to music and entertainment, no one did it better than Michael Jackson. Judging others can bring out the worst in some people, but some stars are so inspiring they can help people understand a part of themselves they never knew was there.


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