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Michael Jackson x Playstation 3 x This is it?!

Updated on January 6, 2010

Playstation 3 "This Is It" box

MJ X PS3 X This Is It movie

Wow. First off, props to IGN for the info - definitely a great find

I thought this was a pretty interesting article on the upcoming release of the This is It edition of the PS3 due out later this month. The box set features a 120 gb Playstation 3 console and the blu-ray disc of "This Is It." Pretty interesting, right?

I guess the only thing I don't like is the fact that the system does not necessarily fit with Michael Jackson's motif: the system is gonna be the typical charcoal black unlike the Final Fantasy XIII bundle that features an all white console.  We all know how MJ was rocking that white to the tee especially the gloves..hahaha.

However, It still looks dope regardless, and it looks like it will be in high demand really soon.     This is a great item for not only Michael Jackson and Playstation fans, but just a great collector item in general. A great start to the new decade of the new millennium. Why not make a tribute like this to the greatest musical and cultural icon of the world?

This is a special Japan limited release that will go for approximately 33,500 yen which translates to roughly $362. If i had the money, I would definitely go out and buy this. Not too much more than the regular 250 gb Playstation, so why not?

We all know that the market value is going to go through the roof once this gets hot! hahaha (Ebay ftw!) If MJ's last concert can sell out in less than 45 mins, who knows what this will bring.

For more info check out

This Is It trailer



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