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Michael Jackson's Best Performance

Updated on November 17, 2011

What A Revelation- The Trial Of The Doctor

I have published other Hubs, regarding my thoughts about Michael Jackson's so called death. I felt that with the evidence I had found, the fact that he was broke and owed a large sum of money to his investors, that he would fake his own death.

There were times, when I would second guess myself. I had so much information to point me in the direction that Michael Jackson used a body double in place of himself. I felt that Ecasanova was sick, and Michael Jackson used this to his advantage, as well as assisting his ill friend.

I actually thought that I was finished with Michael Jackson, and felt that he should be left alone either way, until I saw part of Conrad Murrays trial. I sat in awe of information that made more sense to me, than the prosecution could understand.

The prosecution was speaking one day about all the drugs that Dr. Murray had ordered for Michael Jackson. The propofol ordered was in large quanities, but that was not the drug that caught my attention. Dr. Murray ordered many tubes of the skin whitening cream, so many tubes that peaked my curiousity. Why so many tubes, when Dr. Murray had closed his 2 practices when he accepted the job that Michael Jackson offered him, as his personal doctor?

My thoughts about all the tubes of whitening cream, could only mean that Dr. Murray needed to change the color of someone's skin, perhaps the entire body. It is my opinion that from the very beginning Dr. Murray knew about the intention to switch people, and Michael Jackson's plan to fake his own death.

It is also my opinion, that Dr. Murray knew that the Jackson family would bring charges against him, as to collect any insurance policies, it had to be classified as a homicide.

Watching part of the court case, there was one other very important piece of information. I had read online the Michael Jackson autopsy report, pages of information. I saw that the form stated that Michael jackson was identified by fingerprints. I also remember seeing a video that shot film footage of the coronors white van and plate number outside of the UCLA medical center. The individual saw 2 vans, and a person jumping out of the back door, who appeared to look like Michael Jackson, alive and upright, as he caught on film.

During the Doctor's court case, I see a person come to the stand, his name is Amir Dan Rubin, who at the time of Michael Jackson's death, was the CEO of the UCLA medical center, and a very close friend of Michael Jackson. As a matter of fact, after the death of Michael Jackson, Mr. Rubin left that job at UCLA and took another position, I believe out of California.

In my opinion, it became cystal clear that Michael Jackson had set up almost a perfect plan. At the home of Michael Jackson, security was not allowed inside, and no one other than the Doctor and Michael Jackson were allowed to enter that one bedroom and bath. It would have been easy to have Ecasanova, ill in one room and Michael Jackson still around for his trips to rehearsal, and his daily living.

Michael Jackson was broke, his earning potential was next to nothing. AEG rented the home that Michael Jackson was living in at that time. Michael jackson was in debt to investors, that wanted their money returned. Laytoya Jackson made a statement during a interview that Michael had confided in her that he thought someone wanted to kill him. It is my opinion that the investors, proposed earning the money performing 50 concerts. It is my belief, that Michael Jackson never had any intention ever, of perfoming any concerts.

Michael Jackson had his body double, who was ill, his friends at UCLA medical center, his private trusted Doctor, his family, his children and his death would earn him more than he needed to satisfy his debts. It was a win-win situation for Michael Jackson, a payback for all his suffering and phony allegations made against him over the years.

The phony allegations and his true and pure love of children and people in general caused his downward spiral and his inability to earn the amount of income he needed to satisfy his debts and show any financial gain.

Would I have done the same thing and set up the same stage of events, perhaps I would. Will Michael Jackson return? No. Will you still hear new Michael Jackson music? Yes. Is Ecasanova the same Ecasanova? No. Did Michael Jackson have the help of his most trusted friends and family? Yes. The pay off is Money.

I started at the beginning at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch and continued to his AEG rental house. The final clues were all so clear in the trial of Dr. Murray, who actually killed no one. Dr. Murray appears to be a fine doctor, who needed money, a man who could be trusted, and a man of his word.

In conclusion, the stage was set for the final performance, a message to all the loyal fans of Michael Jackson, THIS IS IT! My final message. The end!


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