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Michael Jackson's Son Should Not Be Deposed

Updated on March 25, 2013

Michael Jackson's Mother Needs to Leave His Kids out of the Lawsuit

Michael Jackson's death was scandalous. The details about the drugs that he was given was unbelievable, but what is even more scandalous and unbelievable is the fact that his children are being deposed for his mother, Catherine Jackson's lawsuit.

Catherine Jackson is suing concert promoter, AEG, because they hired Dr. Conrad Murray and she believes that they are responsible for Michael Jackson's death.

AEG's lawyer asked the judge to order Blanket to testify. Blanket was six years old at the time of Michael Jackson's death and clearly cannot testify about the physical state that his father was in before his death. A doctor has already told the judge that Blanket's deposition would be detrimental to his wellbeing. However, Paris Jackson, 14, will be deposed.

I do not support children being deposed at all. I also believe that Michael Jackson is equally responsible for his death as Dr. Conrad Murray. Michael Jackson sought doctors who would administer the drugs to him and even offered large sums of money to some doctors who turned him down. Dr. Murray was the only doctor who was willing to risk his license and career for Michael Jackson and he is behind bars.

The fact is Michael Jackson was a good entertainer, but he had a drug problem and it sadly cost him his life.


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