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Michelle Bombshell

Updated on March 29, 2010

 We seem to be getting a bit of extra visitor traffic around these parts. As our regular visitors will probably have realized; we’re a big fan of Tits ‘n’ Tats on Design for Tattoos and some time ago we featured a young lady called Michelle Bombshell in our Tattoo Gallery.

Well now it seems people can’t get enough of her (and also some is saying she’s not that young neither) on account of some dalliances with a bloke call Jesse James. Nothing unusual there you might think until you realize that Mr James is married to an actress called Sandra Bullock (apparently she’s quite good and just won an Oscar for doing a nice film).

So it seems Michelle’s been a bit naughty (or calculating) depending on who you believe - but to us, she’ll always be some bird with big tits and nice tats. We would point you in the direction of her Twitter account but we couldn’t possibly quote her account name on a nice family site like this….you’ll have to ask someone else.

Probably no harm in pointing you to her website though……..Michelle Bombshell

See Michelle Bombshell in our Tattoo Gallery


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