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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “Donald’s Ducks” Episode

Updated on September 15, 2009

“Donald’s Ducks” Episode Wrap Up

The “Donald’s Ducks” episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse premiered on Disney Channel on September 12, 2009, although it was previously released on the Mickey’s Big Splash DVD. The episode begins with Donald arriving at the clubhouse and then them hearing quacking. At first Mickey things it is Donald. It is not and they go outside to investigate where the sound is coming from. They end up finding several ducks outside. Mickey encourages viewers to count the ducks with Donald.

After they count the ducks Goofy arrives. It turns out they are Goofy’s buddies and he brought them to the clubhouse to get some help getting someplace warm because they do not like cold weather. Mickey gets Mouskatools for their mission of helping get the ducks to the beach. The tools for this episode are a bullhorn, a marshmallow, and a siren along with the mystery Mouskatool.

Goofy is trying to teach the duckling how to fly, but is not having much success. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy demonstrate how to flap his wings. They need something that can get him higher in the air to help him fly. It is time for a mouskatool. They use the giant marshmallow for the duckling to bounce higher into the air.

Minnie and Daisy then arrive. They ask how many ducks they are taking to the beach. Goofy counts and there are now only 4. Mickey talks about a subtraction problem of figuring out how many are missing based on the counting earlier in the episode. They decide to use the bullhorn Mouskatool to make Donald’s voice loud enough for the ducks to hear him when he calls for the missing ducks. Viewers are encouraged to help tell what response sounds are the ducks versus other animals, such as a cat and a frog.

After locating the ducks and the duckling they count them again to make sure they have all the ducks. Minnie suggests that they feed the ducks before their big flight. Mickey encourages viewers to help Donald spread the crumbs. They sing a play on the Old Mac Donald song for the ducks.

They then get ready to take the dune plane to lead the ducks to the beach. The ducks are not flying in order and Mickey and they fly in patterns to show the ducks how to fly. Viewers are encouraged to help determine when Donald flies in the correct two sides of a triangle pattern. They then fly into some clouds and they use the siren to alert the ducks where they are at and warn others in the sky.

They soon use the siren to warn Professor Von Drake who is flying around on a rocket to find birds. They end up getting lost in the clouds. They decide it is time for the mystery Mouskatool. The mystery one ends up being a compass with special symbols related to the clubhouse world. They soon find their way to the beach with the help of the sort of compass. They then count the ducks again to make sure they all made it.

Overall this is a decent episode. There are some math skills taught including counting and subtraction. I do not really like the way they use a so-called compass. It just does not seem to really teach what an actual compass does and actually makes the compass concept something more confusing than it actually is.


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