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Midland CB Radio

Updated on June 1, 2010

Midland 1001z CB Radio

The Midland 1001z CB Radio is very compact, so you can mount it quite easily inside your car and the installation is a piece of cake. Fit this Midland CB in virtually any area of your vehicle. Many CB radios are just too bulky to put anywhere in your truck except the most basic places. This thing can fit up top, down low, or even out of sight.

The design of the Midland 1001z is very nice. It has large LCD display on the left side which shows you the channel you are currently on. The Tx/Rx signal meter lets you know how strong the signals are either going out or coming in. If you want a better sound for yourself, just plug another speaker into the back of your Midland CB Radio and listen to the difference.

A couple of quick-access buttons on this sleek Midland cb radio increase your ease of use. There is a channel 9 emergency button so you can easily access emergency personel with the click of a button. Another button is the PA system activator button. This is great for when you want to become a menace on the road and have some public conversations.

Head to the Midland Museum

 RetroCom has been collecting historical photos and putting them on the internet for years. Go to this page to see classic Midland CB Radios. Click on the pictures to look at them in great detail. A nostalgic look back for those of us who grew up on CB radios or played with Uncle Red's CB on Saturday mornings.

Midland 75-822 40 Channel 2-Way Radio

A CB radio will let you know if there are any emergencies or traffic delays ahead. If you are traveling or if you drive all the time, a CB radio is a no-brainer, low-cost investment that pays off every time you drive.

The nice thing about Midlands is you can connect an external car antenna to it. This is not typical of other CB radios on the market. In fact, I can't think of one that gives you an external antenna hookup. This increases your range exponentially, well, at least a whole lot.

It runs on 6 AA batteries and plugs into your cigarette lighter for power. The batteries last a long time, you really don't need to worry at all about the Midland CB Radio running out of juice on your drive.

The Midland 75-822 40 Channel 2-Way Radio includes a nice Weather Radio monitor so you can quickly access the weather. The drawbacks to this model are the short antenna, which doesn't give you the ability to reach too far on the highway. And the lack of a USB plug is something it has missing. But overall, it is another great compact model of Midland CB Radios.


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