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Midnight, Texas -- Bowie's Got to Go-ey

Updated on September 10, 2017

And will Manfred believe what Joe has to tell him?

Last time, the denizens of Midnight learned two dark secrets. The veil is weakening over Midnight which is why Manfred is being tormented by the dead, Lem's hunger is growing out of control and Fiji is getting molested by a demon. And they learned innocent teen Connor was really a sociopath who had murdered Aubrey and a few other girls. Lem dispatched him with a snap of the neck and Creek broke all ties with her father for being a father to Connor, but not to her.

Tonight, since the fallen angel, Joe, revealed himself to everyone and whomever is after him, he may get his wings singed. And since he kept silent about what was happening in Midnight to protect himself will the Midnighters be that anxious to help him, despite his tenth hour help in saving Creek from Connor.

A millennium ago, Joe is with a woman named Bowie, on the field fighting demons. She says it's their first battle together and it won't be their last. Joe isn't too jazzed about the slaughter. In the present, the woman is heading to Midnight saying she taught Joe everything he knew and then he left. She kills a demon heading towards Midnight with her. Then she takes off flying.

Manfred hears something outside. He sees a hand at his door and wills it away. Creek comes out of the bedroom saying she's going to work. Creek says she's alone because her family is all gone. She turns down Manfred's offer of breakfast.

Fiji avoiding going home. She tells the Rev that the demon is still bothering her.

Chuy returns to Midnight and Joe. Chuy urges Joe to come clean with everyone and tell them what's going on. He wants them to ask for help.

Manfred trying to use Creek's pendant to track down her mom. Granny urges Manfred to be there for Creek. He says he came to the diner, when Creek isn't thrilled he's there, because there's so many ghosts at home, and he's going to work from there.

Fiji tells Manfred Joe has been laying low since he came out. The female angel comes into the Rev's church looking for Joe. He throws something at her, but she puts her hand to his head and learns he's a were-tiger and throws him against the wall. Manfred sees her coming out of the church, afterwards. Manfred tips off Joe and he sees her out there. She storms into their tattoo parlor, but Chuy and Joe aren't in sight when she enters. She's apparently some ancient angel who is stronger than Joe. Although calling this nasty broad an angel is like calling a sinner a saint.

Olivia hides them in her panic room. Manfred says he'll be there when he can. Bobo shows up and so does Fiji. Manfred sees Bowie coming and goes running to granny for help. I think granny went inside Manfred. Bowie tries to read his mind but gets nothing. Granny leaves his body after she's gone. Manfred acts like having Granny inside him amounted to having sex were her. Yeah, he's all yuck, too.

Joe tells the others Bowie is after him and Chuy is a demon and that's why she wants to kill him and can't forgive him. Joe is fallen for fallin' in love with a demon. Don't know how Fiji is going to feel about Chuy considering she's got a demon terrorizing her at home.

Joe and Chuy tell how they met and fell in love. Chuy is half demon and half human. Chuy can't become a demon again or they'll all be in danger. Manfred suggests they send Bowie to hell. Fiji is still pissed off about Bobo and his secrets. She asks if he has more secrets. He says he misses his family. He tells Fiji he loves her.

Lem says he's growing tired of all the secrets. Olivia says what they have an expiration date on their relationship. When she gets too old for him, she'll leave. Olivia doesn't want to be turned. They can enjoy it while it lasts. They've actually toned down her abrasiveness so she's actually tolerable now. Hence, I'm not calling her nasty Barbie names.

Joe suggests to Manfred it's not a coincidence he's in Midnight.

Creek goes to the church and hears the Rev groaning in the corner. She brings him to the diner where Bowie is reading Madonna's mind, then she starts doing it to Creek.

Joe tells Manfred he thinks he was sent there to stop the apocalypse. Then Bowie calls Manfred saying she's got Creek and the others at the diner and he's to bring Joe to her. Manfred tells Joe he wants him to surrender to her.

Joe says goodbye to Chuy as he and Manfred prepare to meet Bowie. Bowie taunts Creek about Connor. The Rev says she's a fallen angel, too. Joe arrives to face her. He tries to lure her into the trap. Only it doesn't work. She destroys the trap. If anyone deserves to be trapped in hell with a bunch of demons, it's this chick. She may have the wings but she acts more like a demon than Chuy does.

Then she grabs Manfred and taunts him and Creek, then disappears when Joe goes all angel on her. But something tells me this sow will be back.

There's being a fallen angel and being a fallen angel and this broad belongs in hell with demons. Too bad they weren't able to send her there.

Joe goes after her and he and Bowie start having an angel fight. He says he's sorry he hurt her. Unfortunately, the witch is beating the crap out of him. Chuy goes demon all over her, bites the crap out of her neck and she explodes. Joe tries to talk Chuy back into not being a demon. Lem tries to take him on. Manfred gets Chuy to chase him. Joe threatens to kill Chuy if he doesn't change back. He manages to get Chuy to come back to himself.

Creek blows off Manfred when he offers to walk her home. Joe asks Manfred to stop by the studio later. Chuy apologizes to everyone for what he did. Manfred sees the painting that Joe did. Joe says the painting depicts what will happen if the veil opens but believes Manfred will stop it from happening. Joe insists Manfred is the one, but Manfred says Joe only wants to believe that hoping he can stop it and that he's only still in Midnight because of Creek. And in a few moments he'll prove just how right that statement is.

Fiji jumps when Bobo tries to touch her. She wants Midnight back the way it used to be. Bobo offers to stay on her porch to help her if she feels a demonic presence.

Chuy says they have to leave. He can't stop fighting the veil.

Manfred comes home to find Creek there. She apologizes. She says she doesn't know how she is without being a sister or a daughter. She says she needs to be alone to figure out. He realizes this is over. She kisses him goodbye. He offers her the bedroom and says he'll take the couch.

Manfred decides to leave Midnight. So little Creek you can be all alone to find yourself without him bothering you. By the way, why is she the only one in her family with such a stupid name?

My biggest complaint about this episode is why couldn't the evil angel have a normal name like Chloe or Zoey. I'm not even sure how to spell the foul cretins name.

Next week they're having a double episode. I'm guessing that will be it and we'll have to wait to see if it gets renewed for another season next summer. Whatever the case, it's been a great ride so far. It was nice having something different to watch.


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