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Midnight, Texas -- The Were-Tiger

Updated on August 7, 2017

And the nasty female deputy gets what she deserved...

Last week, we met Manfred who can see dead people, who came to Midnight, Texas to escape the man pursuing him. But Midnight is no picnic. He got fed on by the local vampire, chased from his house by ghosts and suckered punched by the local bimbo who thinks she's a badass and stripped down by her. He also made a potential love connection. As we departed Midnight last week local boy, Bobo got arrested for the murder of his married fiance, with Manfred vowing to prove his innocence. But will he?

Manfred and Creek are running down the street to his RV as this week's episode opens. His side is wounded. They're about to kiss, again, when something shakes the RV. Claw marks appear in the ceiling. Granny says to stop talking and run.

Twenty-four hours earlier Manfred goes to his RV and downs some pills where Granny is waiting. His cell phone vibrates. She says Hightower has been calling all night. She says he needs people. She says to let his freak flag fly and tell them what's up.

Lem the vamp says daylight is coming he can't help. And Olivia the nasty skank doesn't seem to be of much help, either, aside from making nasty comments. But Fiji and Joe offer to help him when he explains his house is possessed by malevolent spirits.

The female deputy puts Bobo in a holding cell with the Sons of Lucifer. She must be related to Miss Olivia, since she's as nasty as she is. Bobo manages to beat all four of the goons up. There's the real badass, but how was he able to do it? He didn't have to use brass knuckles or sucker punch some to act like he was the man, either. Olivia the skank chains the Rev into a cellar, while Fiji and Joe accompany Manfred home. Fiji thinks there's a demonic spirit in his house. Manfred lets Aubrey borrow his body to show what happened to her. Joe and Fiji take Manfred out when he starts spitting out water like Aubrey was doing a few minutes ago.

Manfred wakes up to the sound of wind chimes in Fiji's place. Manfred said a biker killed Aubrey. She urges Manfred to go to the police and tell what he knows, while she cleanses his house.

Joe's boyfriend is worried about him going flying. I guess even an angel needs love. I won't be surprised to hear some of the Trump lovin' religious zealots who thinks Trump is a present from God, himself, start protesting this show and try to get it off the air because the angel is gay and carrying on with a man.

Creek's father watches Manfred as he takes off with Joe, but not into the air; Joe is driving his truck. Manfred tells Sheriff Livingston what he saw through Aubrey's eyes. She was shot and then dragged to the water to die there. It was a biker wearing a skull mask who killed her. Livingston tells his crew to resume the search in the water.

Livingston suspends his female deputy for putting Bobo in the tank with the Sons of Lucifer. That won't be the only bad thing that happens to her, this episode. Karma will visit upon her in the worst way.

The Rev is in the cellar praying as he goes through some kind of metamorphosis. I'm guessing he's a werewolf. I'm guessing wrong.

Fiji prepares to exorcise Manfred's house. Fiji tells Manfred to leave, since the spirits are attracted to him with the hopes of possessing him.

The female deputy approaches the cellar that the Rev is locked in and unchains the cellar. She's going to get more than she bargained for and exactly what she deserves. The Rev has transformed into a tiger. I was wrong about the wolf thing. Manfred hears her scream and goes to investigate. He finds her body hanging in the trees.

Manfred warns the waitress at the local diner not to let anyone leave. He goes looking for Creek. She's at her father's gas station. The tiger runs by him and claws him in the side. They start running from him, basically where we came in at the start of this episode.

Lem comes to see his bimbo. He says he smells blood, and a lot of it. Faux Superbimbo shoots the tiger and then blames Manfred for letting the Rev out. I don't know what this bimbo has against him, since he hasn't done anything to her, but she's done plenty to him. She loads up with silver bullets and has no problem taking out the Rev. Being a soulless cold-hearted bimbo doesn't equal bad ass either.

Manfred sees his house is glowing red and he heads there while Fiji sits on the floor trying to send the demon back across the veil. She seems to succeed. She says the exorcism is complete, but they see blood dripping from his Granny's strange hanging thing. Then the floorboards glow red as a demonic voice starts calling Fiji's name and Manfred is sucked from the house and thrown out as the door locks trapping Fiji inside.

Manfred tries to break back in as he hears Fiji screaming. It's making her body levitate. Manfred says he'll help her and goes to get his great grandmother's skull as it tries to molest her. He uses the skull to expel the demon. He sees it trapped in a mirror and smashes it. Seven years bad luck.

Fiji and Manfred go searching for the Rev. They see the Rev approaching in tiger form. Of course, Superbimbo has got a gun trained on him. Lem tries to get through to the Rev and he attacks him. Lem won't let Superbimbo shoot him. Lem wrestles the Rev to the ground without Gun Happy Gail shooting him down. So far, the only sour note on the show is Superbimbo. She's not the least bit likable and I don't care what her story is. She has the personality of Donald Trump, and like him she seems to think she's a legend in her own mind.

At dawn, the Rev turns back into himself. Manfred covers up his nudity. Superbimbo acts all nice to him even though she was hot to kill him. She says it's all right now, and the Rev says it isn't because he knows what he did.

Bobo is released from custody. Livingston tells Bobo he thinks Aubrey's husband may have killed Aubrey. Telling Bobo was probably a big mistake.

The Rev buries the nasty deputy he took out. He says he doesn't want to lose Midnight or his purpose. He says something is different in Midnight since it took so much to take him down.

The demon seems to have followed Fiji home as she hears it calling to her. Bobo arrives before she can be summoned by it.

Livingston gets in his car and it explodes. It's the Sons of Lucifer because he let Bobo out.

Joe says evil is being drawn to Midnight. He unveils a painting bathed in red with demons attacking the residents of Midnight and thinks the only thing that can stop it from happening is Manfred. Joe believes Manfred can help defeat it. That it's been prophicized. Manfred tells Bobo that Aubrey really loved him, but he says the woman he loved didn't exist. Creek comes to see Manfred and they finally share a kiss.


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