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Midnight, Texas -- Welcome To Town...

Updated on July 31, 2017

You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave...

That’s kind of what I feel like watching this show. It’s like listening to the song, “Hotel California”.

From the writer that brought us True Blood comes NBC's new summer series, “Midnight, Texas”. Will NBC finally have a successful summer series? So far, ABC's classic game shows and CBS' sci-fi series have left the peacock network in the dust.

A man is brushing his teeth when a woman named April comes to visit him. He tells her his fee has gone up. He seems to be having a séance with the woman. The woman tells her dead husband she's seeing someone. When she says it's Kevin, the ghost of the husband goes into the man and goes after the wife. He stops the man, Harold, as he's about to kill his wife.

The man's name is Manfred. He gets a phone call from someone saying he can't run from him, so he takes to the road and does just that. The ghost of his grandmother appears in his RV. She says this move will be good for him and says he'll be safe in Midnight, Texas.

Manfred eyes the townspeople as he drives through town. And they eye him in return. He follows a woman wearing a red wig. He can hear the toys talking to him, as well as the furniture. A man comes out saying he must be Manfred and offers to take him to his new home. The man wants to know about his fiance Aubrey, and Manfred says his psychic ability isn't real.

Later, Manfred goes into a bar. The barmaid seems to know him. Her name is Creek. She takes him to where the Midnighters eat. He meets a man with strange eyes who lives under the pawnshop. The man is a vampire, who feeds on him.

Manfred is urged to go to the town picnic. A dead body is found in the river. It's a woman named Aubrey. Manfred sees the dead Aubrey turn her head and look at him.

One of the deputy’s question Manfred about why he moved to Midnight. She says she isn't surprised a murder happened there. Aubrey's boyfriend is questioned about why he didn't report her missing.

Manfred hears flies and turns around in bed to find the dead Aubrey in bed with him. He tries to send her away. She writes on the dirt on the window, “Help”. He says he'll help her if it means she goes away.

Aubrey's boyfriend looks at a video of him proposing to Aubrey.

Manfred goes to collect holy water when the reverend catches him. The Rev says he knows who he is and gives Manfred a bottle of holy water.

The sheriff says Aubrey was shot and drowned. He reveals to her boyfriend, Bobo, that Aubrey was married to a white supremacist. Bobo says her husband was a Son of Lucifer and he's protected.

Manfred gets out his Ouija board. He summons Aubrey. He asks her what she wants to tell him. A bunch of ghosts show up asking for his help. He escapes through the door as one of the ghosts makes a run for him.

He hangs a talisman on the door to prevent the ghosts from entering. The sheriff watches the Rev in the graveyard. He asks everyone about Aubrey.

His female deputy questions the local witch, Fiji. She shows up to talk to Manfred. She wants to look around. He mentions Pecados, which is what Aubrey said to him. The police find a gun.

Manfred goes to talk to his granny. She warns him Midnight is not the same as other places. A woman named Olivia punches him with brass knuckles. I swear I hate the actress in every role she plays. What a brave bimbo sucker punching some guy wearing brass knuckles. If that's supposed to make her kick-ass it doesn't. I couldn't stand her on Vampire Diaries as Lexie. I was actually glad when Damon killed her, while the Stefan fans mourned her passing.

The vampire comes in as Olivia threatens to hit him with her stupid brass knuckles, again. He knows Manfred's grandmother Zelda. Manfred explains the people after him want his granny dead, but she already died. Manfred wants to know what attracts people to Midnight. The answer answers Manfred's little visitation of ghosts from under the floorboards of his house. I didn't really get what they said, but it sounds like Midnight is a hellmouth ala Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Sons of Lucifer come to attack Bobo but Olivia, in her skivvies, shoots them with an arrow and the Vampire finishes them off by eating the head thug.

Manfred goes to the gas station where Creek is working. Creek's father gives Manfred a hard time for talking to his daughter. Manfred is attracted to a red pick-up truck as he's walking home. He sees blood dripping from the back, but doesn't go to investigate.

He gets another call from the man after him. Creek comes to visit him at his RV. He invites her in to his RV. She says after her mother died her father brought them there because he didn't want to be around anywhere that reminded him of his wife.

Joe who runs the tattoo parlor is an angel. Creek says he watches over everyone.

The witch, Fiji, has a talking cat. Thought that cat seemed a bit suspicious on first sight. He seemed to be watching people moreso than a cat should.

Lem, the Vampire, comes upon Olivia and her room of weapons. He offers to take her anger from her. He either goes up her butt with his weapon or feeds off her. She enjoys it either way.

Creek asks Manfred to give her a reading. He says she has a long lifeline. He says she'll see the world and she'll meet her soul mate. He's about to kiss her when the sheriff comes to arrest Bobo for Aubrey's murder.

Lem the vampire warns he'll start a war if they try to take him. Fiji won't let him be taken and starts messing with the sheriff's car with her magic powers. Manfred stops her by offering to help clear Bobo. When he heads home he sees people inside his house and the windows glowing red. Guess he won’t be going inside there, tonight.

Not sure how I feel about the show. It’s something different, which is nice. Let’s see where they take it from here.


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