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Extract (2009)

Updated on October 13, 2011

Warning: This video contains some adult language that may not be suitable for children. Parental discretion is advised.

Mike Judge is at it again with his newest movie, Extract

It's always fun sticking it to the man. In Mike Judge's new film, "Extract", Jason Bateman (Joel) plays a small town business man, whom owns a extract manufacturing business. Unfortunately for Joel, he's stuck with a myriad of problems throughout his life as he deals with a possible unfaithful wife, an impending law suit, and various employees that try to take advantage of him. Indeed, life for Joel just couldn't get any worse as he's just about to try to sell his company; Step (Clifton Collins Jr.), one of the employees, gets involves in an accident, that permanently damages his testicles. If that wasn't enough, a new employee and con artist, Cindy (Mila Kunis), royally tries to milk the company dry by any means necessary. Jason Bateman gives one of the funniest performances of his career. In the tradition of Mike Judge's previous comedies like "Office Space" and "Ideocracy", he uses a light "tongue and cheek" style brand of edgy and sometimes slapstick comedy, which works to create a lot of comical moments through out the movie. In one scene, Joel rushes home to try to have sex with his wife before she gets fully dressed, as he explains that once she normally gets dressed after her shower, she's never in the mood to have sex. Only to end up running into their annoying neighbor, Nathan (David Koechner), whom stops him as this creates a comedic scene that will have viewers laughing. Even the supporting cast were great in their perspective roles. As Mike Judge's newest movie not only pokes fun of the idea of the "sticking it to the man" concept, it provides various laughs along the way.

As I've said earlier, Mike Judge's direction was excellent for this movie. Like his previous movie, "Office Space", where he pokes fun at the everyday white collar job life, using a very edgy and sometimes slapstick style comedy that works so brilliantly. As he not only pokes fun at the trivial white collar executive job types, he also pokes fun at small town life as well in a very subtle and unique way. This works to make the comedy not only feel authentic, but it also allows it to be campy at times as well. Hence, immersing the viewer into the film even more.

Jason Bateman, Mila Kunis, Ben Affleck (Dean), Dustin Milligan (Brad), and Gene Simmons (Joe Adler) were great in their perspective roles, as each actor brought their own unique style to the characters. Mila Kunis playing the cunningly seductive yet manipulative hot girl, as her sweet smile makes it impossible for anyone to hate her, even when she's stealing from you.

Then there was Gene Simmons, whom played a loud mouth lawyer representing Steps. Although he's only in one scene in the movie, it's still one of the moments within the film. As Joel along with his lawyers try to work something out with Joe Adler. Joe Adler starts to talk a big game, as Gene portrays him with this boisterous attitude, that he tells Joel that the only way he'll drop their lawsuit without the full amount they want, is if Joel is willing to get his testicles slammed by the door. This of course creates one comical scene as Joel rages out the door, only to be confronted by his other workers.

Of course, Ben Affleck is great in this film as well, as he plays Joel's best friend, but he also gets him into a whole heap of trouble with some of his crazy ideas. Like one day, as Joel talks to Dean about being sexually frustrated, since him and his wife haven't slept together in a while, and how hot the new girl at work is, Cindy. Dean coaxes Joel, while he's drunk, to hire a male gigolo, Brad, to sleep with his wife. Thus, allowing Joel to feel completely guilt free to sleep with Cindy. Unfortunately, this backfires as it turns out, Cindy was merely using Joel to get close to Steps, so she could talk him into suing the company. Plus, to make matters worse, Brad falls madly in love with Joel's wife as this creates one awkward and comedic moment, that will make audiences chuckle. Justin does a great job playing a dumb ass moron male gigolo as you can't help but laugh at the guy, even though he's messing around with Joel's wife.

However, out of all the characters in this film, I thought Jason Bateman was perhaps the best actor in the movie. As he not only manage to make a complete idiot out of himself, in various parts of the movie, he was also able make his character seem sensible enough where you couldn't help but root for the guy.

Unfortunately, that's not to say this film is perfect by any means. In fact, the film is pretty predictable as it has one of those cliche Hollywood endings. However, the comedy itself, more than makes up for it.

"Extract" is a great comedy in every sense of the word. Featuring strong performances and a great director, this film fails to disappoint. Indeed, "Extract", reminds us that sticking it to the man has never been so much fun.


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