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Miku Tanabe a Japanese Idol Singer that Knows How to Play the Electric Guitar

Updated on November 23, 2021
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A first look at Miku Tanabe of AKB48


Who is Miku Tanabe?

Miku Tanabe is a Japanese pop music singer or idol. She is a member of the famous all-girl group called AKB48. Her career goes back to 2006 when she made her debut as a third generation member. She is one of the founding members of Team B.

Miku Tanabe's Career in Brief

She was transferred to Team K during a group shuffle in 2009 and then she was transferred back to Team B in 2012. She also sings on AKB48’s 5th album called Tsugi No Ashiato. Miku Tanabe was born on December 2, 1992 in Shiga, Japan. She stands at 162.5 centimeters tall. During the 6th Senbatsu Elections which were held in June 2014, Miku Tanabe came in ranked at #71. But even with that finish, she still ranked among the top 80 girls which made her eligible to sing in AKB48’s 37th single Kokoro no Placard. She did not receive a ranking in the previous 5 elections. This does not mean that she lacks cuteness. In fact, she is really pretty!

What makes Miku Tanabe an interesting celebrity?

But what makes Miku Tanabe an interesting celebrity is the fact that she can play the electric guitar. That is one of those talents that people have or they don’t. This skill makes Miku Tanabe stand out. So in addition to her cuteness, she has musical skill!

Photos of Miku Tanabe LIVE on stage playing the guitar

A short summary of Miku Tanabe's career with AKB48: Covers Her Work Until Her Graduation

Because Miku Tanabe has been with AKB48 since 2006, she took part as a member in the group’s earlier singles. These include RIVER, Beginner, Ponytail to Shushu, and GIVE ME FIVE! She has training in classical ballet. Miku Tanabe goes by the nickname of Tanamin. That nickname is similar to the nickname given to Minami Takahashi who goes by the nickname Takamina. Miku Tanabe also has the habit of dressing up in interesting costumes and she has fun even during photo shoots.

Note: during the event known as the 3rd generation’s 10th anniversary show which took place at the famous AKB48 Theater on April 8, 2017, she announced her intention to graduate from AKB48. Tanabe also won the Janken Tournament in 2016, thus adding to her resume as an entertainer. She graduated from AKB48 in June 2017.

Miku Tanabe Still Photo Session

Interesting Facts About Miku Tanabe

  • She has the special skill of impersonating others.
  • Her hobbies include playing the guitar, watching anime, and winter sports.
  • She is a member of the Art Club and Driving Club. Both of these clubs were formed by AKB48. The goal of the Art Club is to produce CD jackets and costumes while the goal of the Driving Club is to get their members to learn how to drive. The leader of the Driving Club is Minami Minegishi.
  • Miku looks up to Sae Miyazawa.
  • She considers herself a hard worker but she is also quick-tempered.
  • She has a pet iguana.
  • She likes men that are “fashionable.”
  • She has a big collection of anime and manga. She often engages in cosplay and discusses this subject with the other AKB48 members.
  • She has appeared on several variety shows, the most famous of these being AKBINGO! It is a weekly variety show involving AKB48 members. Atsuko Maeda made many appearances on the show in her years with AKB48.

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