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Miles Davis Tribute Limited Edition Headphones

Updated on January 14, 2010

In November 2009, Monster Cable announced the release of their limited edition Miles Davis Tribute in-ear headphones. Monster Cable is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics accessories and high-performance headphones. These headphones were created in conjunction with the Miles Davis family, who validated and approved every feature of the product. The headphones will be packaged with a 50th anniversary edition of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue album.

The headphones have a gold brass finish that is modeled after the trumpet that Miles Davis played. The artist's silhouette and signature are etched in gold on the side of each earpiece, and the storage case that comes with the headphones is shaped like a little miniature trumpet case. The case has a blue velvet inlay.  No, really

These headphones are much more than eye candy though. Noel Lee the Monster Cable founder says this is a product that is "capable of reproducing the many subtle shadings and dynamics of all types of music." These headphones have been tuned to make even older recordings sound lush and vibrant. Monster provides a special patented ear tip that gives superior noise isolation for the listener. They call it the "Super-Tip", and several sizes will be included with each set of headphones.

Best of all, the Miles Davis Tribute headphones come with a special one time limited lifetime guarantee, a feature that somewhat eases the pain of the $399 price tag. If the headphones get broken, stepped on, or a cable gets frayed Monster will replace them one time. Even if it's the user's fault. There's also a lifetime warranty for manufacturer's defects.

If you're a jazz lover these headphones are purported to bring depth and sonic virtuosity to your favorite musical genre, and that free anniversary album bonus makes it hard to say no to the Miles Davis Tribute in-ear headphones.


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    • jonely profile image


      6 years ago

      I absolutely love these headphones. I looked at the Solo HD Beats by Dr Dre before these; they also sounded incredible, but seemed a little flimsy and I heard they've been snapping in half quite easily.


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