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Miley Cyrus Caught Inhaling From A Bong

Updated on December 11, 2010

I am always amazed how the public at large fall for publicity stunts by stars, even when said stunts are telegraphed miles away. We are so in awe with these vainglorious denizens that there is a collective willful blindness on our part and we do not hold these stars’ feet to the fire like how we would our common brothers and sisters. I have learned long ago to enjoy the respective crafts of our celebrities, but to ignore their musings, advice, or moreover, not to emulate their behavior. To that end, Miley Cyrus came into my cross-hairs because I have spent a bundle on her products because of my daughter’s love for all things Hannah Montana, Miley’s stage name. Miley was recently caught inhaling from a bong, though, we were assured that the substance in question in the bong was not illegal. I am of the opinion Miley’s bong incident was staged... so to give Miley that coveted ‘street cred.’ In essence, the conspicuous bong incident was a calculated effort to distance Miley from the ‘bubble gum’ crowd.

This is not the first time Miley and her people have done this; we all remembered her x-rated lap-dance gyrations on a man who was in his forties. We were later told that the man who enjoyed Miley’s lap dance was flamingly gay, and supposedly, Miley’s grinding was of no consequence – incidentally, any day now, I am now expecting Justin Bieber to give Jane Lynch, of “Glee’s” fame, a lap dance too. My being the cynic knows that Miley desperately wants to move on to the adult stage, Ala Britney Spears; and so… the behavior we are seeing is predictable. If Miley’s latest behavior now being vetted by the public is too much for her base, there will be a hurried apology… with the attendant photo-op, and with Miley innocently adorned in probably a powdered blue color dress, hugging Mini Mouse or some Disney character down in Florida -- I swear to you that this has actually happened before (do the research). If the outrage is muted, Miley’s behavior, on what she deems risqué, will continue so to gain ‘street cred,’ which she thinks will elevate her to the ranks of Britney Spears... hopefully without the drama.

This is how far these stars and their handlers will go to maintain fame, even though they are financially loaded. We see now where c-listed celebrities are willfully leaking their sex tapes... so to be back in the spot-light. I am certain that there are former stars who are wishing with bated breath that some star of note would die… so that they can attend the funeral and be seen, or moreover be interviewed, hoping that it will give them back some ‘shine.’ Case in point, when the great Michael Jackson was being tried for pedophilia, how many of the celebrities you saw at his funeral (John Mayer, Brooke Shields, etc) were at his criminal trials? All these examples of questionable behavior are no different from what Miley Cyrus is currently engaged in - they are merely gradations on what some of these celebrities would do to maintain, or be back in, the limelight….



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    • profile image

      Verily Prime 6 years ago

      I do not know if Michael was guilty of pedophilia, but I do know for a fact that many of those celebrities who came out for his funeral wwere absent during his trials for molestation - this has nothing to do whether you are a journalist or not - the facts are the facts.... simply look at the trials' footage to see who attended.

    • profile image

      Shannon 6 years ago

      The celebrities that came to Michaels trials were there to support him. That was genuine support coming from celebrities who looked to Michael as a their goal and a man who simply did not and could not hurt a single living thing on this planet.

      This is what I detest about journalists. I am a writer, and as a writer it's common knowledge to find the truth before opening up your mouth to say something.

      I apologize if this seems like a rant but im just standing up for a beautiful human being that many have distorted into someone else.

    • profile image

      pshen7 7 years ago

      Stunt or not Miley Cyrus is becoming a laughingstock if not already is. She needs an intervention and it shouldn't be from Billy or her mom. This young girl needs serious help before she becomes worse than Lindsey Lohan.

      Paul -

    • KristineWrites profile image

      KristineWrites 7 years ago

      I agree and thought it was a total publicity stunt!