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Mina Alali Is Back With Something Different On Something About Her

Updated on April 6, 2017

I was born in Israel and my mother and father, who met while working on a kibbutz when they still only teenagers, gave me the name Gali. In Hebrew that means “fountain”. I just found out that one of the independent artists I discovered and whose music I fell in love with last year, Mina Alali (, is of Iranian heritage. Historically the people from our two nations do not get along well. So, this just goes to prove that music does indeed have the power to magically bring us together in this world.

While Mina shares neither my bloodline nor my same name I would be the first to stand up and claim that after listening to her latest album, Something About Her, she is a “fountain” from which some worthy art and very well done music unquestionably flows. And to boot, she still hasn’t even reached her 20th birthday yet. Oy vey, they certainly do start young these days, as my bubele (for any of you goyim who don’t understand Yiddish that’s what we use as a term of endearment for our grandmothers) used to say.

Earlier this year an advance airplay single from Something About Her came out called No Lovin’ Me and for the past few months or so I heard it played quite a few times on local radio stations. It’s a ballsy little ditty that screams girl-power through a microphone and with souped-up swagger, bales of bitched-out attitude and carloads of chutzpah. Her video for it has racked up over a 100,000 views on Youtube which ain’t too shabby for any artist not signed to a major label.

Alali allows her social consciousness flag to fly high on 22 Cents Less. It was an earlier airplay single from last year that’s also included with this current compilation. It bemoans the inequity of pay between the genders that comprise our corporate workforces. Beside the lack of respect, and often being targets of harassment that we women are forced to put up with in the workplace, we traditionally also walk away with twenty-two cents less on the dollar in our paychecks doing the same job as our male counterparts do. And heaven help you if you kvetch about it as not being kosher.

Another fave of mine from my sister of another tribe included on Something About Her is Wake Up. Mina’s shtick for vocal riffing is loud and clear on this track is coupled with a cute synth keyboard ba-ba-ba-bop-ba-bop sound that mimics the lyrics she sings. Mazel tov to the producer or arranger that came up with that cute concept because, at least for me, it’s the schmeer on top that makes this number so yummy.

Call me a hopeless romantic but only a schmuck couldn’t adore Can’t Help Falling In Love. It’s an old Elvis Presley hit from the 60s and Alali’s cover of the tune does it adequate justice. Maybe it’s not the sweet cheese in the blintz on Something About Her, but it is a tasty tidbit. And don’t get me started going on about My Italian Boy (I warned you I was a romantic). Like a late night nosh it hits my spot in a delightful fashion. It also makes me wonder if its subject matter is autobiographical for her and actually from a close encounter with some real flesh and blood Mediterranean boychik. Hey Mina, message me and we’ll dish on it, girl!


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    • profile image

      Tracy Fauver 

      21 months ago

      Great review Gali! Can't wait for the album release!

    • profile image


      21 months ago

      I'm addicted to Mina's music. So much depth-- in her voice AND her lyrics. I can't wait for more!

    • profile image

      Gigi Alberti 

      21 months ago

      Fun songs ! she looks like a refreshing change to the repetitive ones I see out there! Can't wait for the album release. Nice article.

    • Julie Huffman profile image

      Julie Huffman 

      21 months ago

      Super cute single! Can't wait to hear more!!


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