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5 stars: Ginger Edition (Female)

Updated on June 8, 2015

Gingers :)

So many idols these days find themselves in sticky situations involving their appearance. Every few months and every new comeback made, idols tend to change there looks completely. The biggest change that most idols make usually involves an idols hair. Not only does an idol get a funky fresh new hair cut, but they usually go a step further and change their hair colors completely.

So i did a little bit of research and a little digging for some very popular red headed idols that many people know and love.

i looked around many different sites and i gathered a list of data

  • Most popular idols with read hair
  • Best "Gingers"
  • Worst "Gingers"

Now i didn't pick any of these idols myself i just used the info i found based on popular opinion and i just put together the most talked about idols with red hair on the internet and picked the idols that showed up most when entered into google image search.

(P.s. the red hair will be variations of red...because there are some many shades of red)

(P.p.s ginger = orangeish hair not full on red red hair)

So without further ado please welcome our beloved gingers ♥

4Minute Member
Age: 20

- Her hair style is very cute and looks good on her but she
could have been give a more mature and flirty look but it
is a lot better than the cone hair in heart to heart
so all that being said a 3/5
- The color is in the state of being orangeish brown so it
is like a 3/5
- Over all the hair color blends with her skin tone a lot and the color is more on the brown side
but the color does not wash her out or leave her pasty white. so for overall look it puts Jihyun at a 4/5

*so for Jihyun she gets an over all look of a 10/15
earning her a PINK Star

Solo Artist/Former After School Member

- The hair style is very Mature and fits her age. The simple curl and bangs is very chic and puts Kahi at a 5/5 for the style
- The orangeish color is quite nice and fits with her very well. The only thing that anyone could really complain about would be her roots. this puts kahi at a 4/5 for color
- The over all look is very good and chic, However the color seems to wash her out a little bit and leaves her looking extra white. Since the look however is flawless this gives Kahi a 3/5

*so for Kahi she gets an over all look of a 12/15
earning her a GREEN Star

Kara Member

- The hair style rather simple and straight forward. I do prefer Gyuri with curly hair and this hair style seems to fall flat, however the straight hair is very chic and puts Gyuri at a 4/5 for the style
-The Ginger color is perfect. There is nothing to complain about at all. The roots are well touched up and i love how the color goes from light (on top) to a dark ginger (on the bottom). The color is spectacular putting Gyuri at a 5/5 for the color.
-Over all the look is very elegant not to much not to little. However the color does leave Gyuri looking very pale and washed out. Still looking very lovely Gyuri gets a 4/5 for over all presence

*so for Gyuri she gets an over all look of a 13/15
earning her a PURPLE Star

Girls' Generation Member

- The hair style very posh.Jessica's hair looks dashing, the slight wave adds great volume and the bangs are to die for with that little fip. This style gives her that mature look I love to see on her. This hair style gives Jessica a perfect 5/5

-The color is absolutely flawless it has ginger written all over it. There is absolutely no doubt that the color is orrangeish. The color is the same throughout which makes her look great. The hair color gives her a 5/5

-Over all the look, style and color are great. But because Jessica has a very light skin color and the hair color is quite bright the contrast dose not work so well. so this puts Jessica's over all at a 4/5

*so for Jessica she gets an over all look of a 14/15
earning her a BLUE Star

Miss A Member

- The hair style very Modern.Jia's hair looks like something very girl like to wear. The waves looks like she just washed it and added product and the bangs have a nice sweep affect. This style gives her that mature yet playful look which is always great to see. This hair style Gives Jia a perfect 5/5

-The color is absolutely flawless. There is absolutely no problem with the orrangeish color. The is bright and in your face and shows that it is truly orange and not boarder lining brown .The hair color is just perfect and gives her a 5/5

-Over all the look, style and color are on point. the color is so bright and the style is great that it complaments Jia's skin tone quite nicely and does not wash her out so this puts Jia's over all look at a 5/5

*so for Jia she gets an over all look of a 15/15
earning her a GOLD Star

Who rocked the Ginger look the Best ????

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    • princessallyjayy profile image

      princessallyjayy 5 years ago from Texas

      @cheesussays i am sorry but i can not disclose that information at this time

    • cheesussays profile image

      cheesussays 5 years ago from USA

      I see you voted for Jia!