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Minions - the long-awaited hit of the summer

Updated on June 25, 2015

Everything starts with Despicable Me

Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 earned a big success and with no doubt were really fun and interesting movies but we have to admit that the main contribution of this have these little yellow servants of Gru, villain who wants to steal the moon - yes, I talk about the minions.

Do you know the Minions

They are tiny yellow creatures who speak their strange language - mixture of English and some other languages with change of some letters and changed meaning. A little bit crazy and some kind of awkward they win the hearts of the audience with their adorableness. Everybody knows them and thank to the great marketing strategy of Universal they are everywhere - starts with toys, games, balloons, stickers, bonbons and candies and goes to household items and fashion. They blew out the Internet with fan art like millions of gags, funny quotes, memes and even parodies. Social media is full with their pictures and everybody enjoy and laugh while watching them.

Have fun with these adorable creatures

Enjoy their presence and home

Who are Stuart, Bob and Kevin

After the success of both films and the love of the audience which minions got the most logical development was to get his own movie - and here it is their own spin-off which reveals their lives before they met Gru. The main characters are Stuart, Kevin and Bob. Stuart - the one eyed short minion, he is the most innocent of all minions, he is good at video games, he is funny and playful. Kevin is the tall one, he is with two eyes and loves to make jokes with people and other minions. Bob is the short guy with one green and one brown eye and behaves like a kid - he is ready to do everything to get attention. All of them are voiced by Pierre Coffin who is the director of the movie too.

What we know about the movie

Trailers reveal that they were servants of the most evil dictators of the world since ages and goes to 42 years before Gru where they met the most evil villain on this time Scarlet Overkill performed by Sandra Bullock who wants to steal the crown of Queen Elizabeth II.
According to the trailers and teasers the movie promises to be a very fun and interesting, full of funny moments and fails, combined with fighting and many explosions. It contains even some historical references including characters like T-Rex, Napoleon Bonaparte and The Queen of England.

Minions - official trailer 1

Minions - Official trailer 2

Minions - Official trailer 3

When it airs

The official premiere in America of the movie is on 10th of July but it was released in Australia and Indonesia last week and it was announced for 26th of June in UK and France. But in London was held an official event on 11th of June. What we know for now is that it hits all records and beat Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 almost double in these countries.

Stars in the movie

Whether this gain is due to a good marketing strategy and the millions invested in advertising combined with featuring stars like Sandra Bullock and Michael Keaton will become clear after the release of the film worldwide.

List of main heroes

(click column header to sort results)
Sandra Bullock
Scarlett Overkill
Jon Hamm
Herb Overkill
Michael Keaton
Walter Nelson
Allison Janney
Madge Nelson
Steve Coogan
Professor Flux / Tower Guard
Jennifer Saunders
The Queen
Geoffrey Rush
Steve Carell
Young Gru
Pierre Coffin
Stuard, Bob,Kevin and 899 more minions
Katy Mixon
Hiroyuki Sanada
Sumo Villain
Alex Dowding
Royal Advisor

Sandra Bullock on the premiere in London

What's next

Two weeks before the premiere of the most expected animation of the year, Illumination published a teaser for their new movie The secret life of pets which will be released on summer 2016 and seems to be the new summer hit. You can see in the teaser fun moments of what really do animals when their people go out. Good story, beautiful characters, witty and amusing dialogues guarantee the successes and I can't wait to watch next trailers and the movie itself.

The secret life of pets - Official Teaser

Tank yu! Poopaye!


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  • Maya Smith profile image

    Maya Smith 2 years ago from London

    Awesome! I can't wait to watch it!