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Minwax Products for Beautiful Results

Updated on August 10, 2009

So I did a couple hubs on beauty products yesterday. The first was to help girls clear up rings and bags under eyes. The second was about Olay Definity Products and root beer (don't ask me how I manage to marry two seemingly unrelated products together, it just happens). Frankly, I'm fascinated by the amount of effort you ladies go through to keep us drooling. It shocks me because my own beauty regimen consists of a bar of soap, whatever shampoo is on sale, and a passing relationship with the razor I apply to my face once every few days or so (ah, the joys of being self-employed). Put simply, unless I'm going someplace fancy or taking my wife out to dinner, I really don't think about my skin, hair (grey, thinning or otherwise), wrinkles, or apparent age. What can I say, I'm a typical guy.

My, what a healthy glow!
My, what a healthy glow!

Beauty products a man can appreciate

On the other hand, I can see the appeal. I mean, I wouldn't mind looking better. But the effort just seems so over-the-top. And, really, what options would there be if I did want to pretty myself up for my favorite gal? I could blindly throw a rock in a grocery store and hit something made for a woman's beauty needs, but not so for a man's needs.

So I've decided to do all us guys a favor and come up with my own speculative list of male skin-care products custom tailored to a man's preferences that are sure to help turn even the weakest, pasty-skinned wimp into the manly man we all want to be. Of course, do keep in mind I'm winging it here. With my lack of experience, you'd probably be better off not following my advice.

Let's start with skin tone, color and complexion. For a healthy color and an even complexion I think Minwax wood stains might do the trick. Available in most hardware stores, Minwax comes in a variety of colors suited for a variety of complexions. Those with fair skin should opt for Minwax's Natural 209. Midrange complexions will best be served by colors such as Gunstock 231 or Colonial Maple 223. Minwax can match almost any complexion including the darkest complexions best served by Dark Walnut 2716 or Jacobean 2750.

The right tool for the job

For best results, follow product directions and apply evenly with a brush, cloth or foam applicator. For daytime coverage, use Minwax water-based finish. Switch to oil-based for complete and even night time coverage.

Of course, I'm sure the ladies will tell you that you can't just slap stuff on your face and expect to look pretty. They apparently go through all kinds of prep work and we should too. For example, prior to applying your Minwax wood stain, prep your surface with Minwax pre-stain conditioner. This product will help to "prevent streaks and blotches by penetrating to promote uniform acceptance of oil-based stains." That reads about the same as some of the claims on my wife's beauty products, so sounds good to me. Obviously, use the water-based pre-stain for water-based stains.

What about those lines and wrinkles? Well, I'm pretty sure sandpaper would be the right product here. You'll have to take an honest look in the mirror to assess just how wrinkled your skin is and go with an appropriate grit paper to smooth them out. When done, and prior to applying any stain, apply an even clear primer such as Minwax Sanding Sealer to "create a smooth surface under oil-based polyurethane topcoats." Sounds wonderful, no?

Dirt! The only skin care product we need?
Dirt! The only skin care product we need?

And that's pretty much where I run out of ideas. I'm sure there are dozens of products out there we could adopt for our own beauty needs but if you're at a loss and all else fails, I think the advice my father gave me every time I fell down and cut myself can be applied here – Rub some dirt on it and quit your cryin'. Handsome devil that I am, I have to wonder if maybe I have his advice to thank for it.


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