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Mio Tomonaga Cute Japanese Idol Singer and Member of the Groups Hkt48 and Akb48

Updated on October 12, 2019
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A few photos of the really cute Mio Tomonaga

Is Mio Tomonaga about to speak on stage?
Is Mio Tomonaga about to speak on stage?

Who is Mio Tomonaga?

The idol group HKT48 has many members or Japanese idol singers. Mio Tomonaga and Madoka Moriyasu are two of the members of this group. Mio Tomonaga is a Japanese idol singer and another member of the girl group HKT48. Mio is a member of that group’s Team K4. Mio is also one of those members that has a position with AKB48’s Team 4. Tomonaga appeared in a photo shoot with Sae Kurihara and Madoka Moriyasu.

How did Tomonaga begin her career?

Tomonaga began her career with HKT48 as a research student in September 2012. She was promoted to HKT48’s Team K4 during the HKT48 Team Shuffle in January 2014. During the AKB48 Grand Shuffle in February 2014, Tomonaga was then given a dual position with AKB48’s Team B. As of March 26, 2015, Tomonaga has been moved to AKB48’s Team 4 as a result of the AKB48 Spring Shuffle which took place.

In addition to being a Japanese idol singer, Tomonaga has starred in a famous reality show

Tomonaga is another Japanese idol that is still very young. She was born on May 17, 1998 in Fukuoka, Japan just like her band mate Sae Kurihara. Tomonaga has been a member of HKT48 for many of the group’s B-side singles and A-side singles as well. This is a very common thing that these idol singers will be involved in. Tomonaga has also sang on the last two AKB48 albums including the major successful Tsugi no Ashiato. Tomonaga has also been involved in the AKB48 reality show called AKBINGO! Former AKB48 center Atsuko Maeda was one of the more popular members on this show. I will say that Tomonaga is really cute while Japanese idols such as Yui Yokoyama are more beautiful and sexy.

Mio Tomonaga shows that she is one of the cutest Japanese idols in the industry


Interesting Facts about Mio Tomonaga

  • Her hobbies include making sweets and sleeping early.
  • She is skilled at playing the clarinet.
  • Her eyes crinkle when she smiles.
  • Sometimes she is known to display a grumpy and teasing side which is part of her character.
  • She is referred to as MioMeru with member Meru Tashima. Tomonaga and Tashima can be considered the best of friends if you really think about it. These kinds of duos have happened on at least a few occasions. For instance, Rena and Jurina Matsui were referred to as WMATSUI. Sayaka Yamamoto and Miyuki Watanabe were named SayaMilky.

How has Mio Tomonaga fared in the AKB48 General Elections?

Mio Tomonaga has participated in the 5th and 6th Senbatsu Elections in her career. In 2013, she was ranked at #59. In 2014, Tomonaga did much better finishing at #27. Mio is a Japanese idol that has been rising in popularity in just a short time with the group. However, following the 7thGeneral Election, Tomonaga rose up in the rankings to #21. That bodes well for her future. She has sang on singles such as Melon Juice, 12 Byou, and Shekarashika! In 2016, following the 8th "Senbatsu" or AKB48 General Elections, Tomonaga slipped down to #23 but that is still a decent finish for her.

However, as of the most recent general election which was in June 2017, Tomonaga’s popularity dropped significantly since the 8th general election in 2016. Even though she went from 21st in 2016 to 35th in 2017, Tomonaga is still one of my favorite Japanese idols!

Cutest Japanese idol in the industry

Which one of these Japanese idol singers do you think is the cutest in the industry?

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Mio Tomonaga with her buddy Meru Tashima

Meru Tashima (left) and Mio Tomonaga (right) look absolutely gorgeous in these police style uniforms!
Meru Tashima (left) and Mio Tomonaga (right) look absolutely gorgeous in these police style uniforms!

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