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"Mirror Mirror" Movie Review

Updated on August 2, 2014

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"Mirror Mirror" Rating

3 stars for "Mirror Mirror"

The Review...

"Mirror Mirror" if you need a brief summary -although I'm not sure who really needs a summary of the plot of Snow White as it's one of the most well known stories in the world- is about a young girl named Snow White. She is a princess with hair black as ebony, skin white as snow, and lips red as blood. She has an evil stepmother who wants her dead because she's more fair then she is, so Snow White is forced to flee into the woods and seek refuge with a group of dwarfs. There are some differences in this version as opposed to other Snow White movies and retellings. For one Snow White never bites the poisoned apple and the prince is the one that gets put under a curse that needs to be broken by true love's kiss. Snow White also gets trained by the dwarfs on how to fight, how to use what skills she already possesses to her advantage, and she gets a makeover by the dwarf who's more sensitive. The evil queen also has a bizarre evil creature in the woods that she feeds people to along with her magic mirror that seems to possess a piece of her soul within it that performs magic for her.

I honestly can say I enjoyed the movie "Mirror Mirror". It's not the best movie by far. I can sit through it though and laugh and be interested in the story. The good things about it are the costume designs and the humor. I like that they made the story a bit more lighthearted with Nathan Lane as the queen's right hand man, the dwarfs being more silly then formidable, and even the prince (Armie Hammer) having some really hilarious scenes and being more of a damsel in distress than Snow White (Lily Collins) ever is. The bad things about this movie are Julia Robert's weird accent. I'm not sure what the accent is supposed to be. A rich snobby lady accent? Her accent is made even worse since the rest of the cast just speak like Americans without any different accents from their usual speaking voices. Julia Roberts really ought to learn how to do accents. In any movie I've seen her in that she has an accent it's just unbearable to hear and completely poorly done. For example "Mary Reilly" she is supposed to be an Irish maid and her accent is so forced and slips into her usual speaking voice so often it's cringe worthy. In "Mirror Mirror" the accent is no where near as atrocious and offensive as her attempt in "Mary Reilly" but it does prove a good point that Julia Roberts stinks at accents. Another terrible thing is perhaps the story diverts a little too far from the story of Snow White. It might have been better to simply make an original fantasy story instead of following with the Snow White thing. Very easily they could have renamed the princess and made the story original. The poison apple is such a vital part of the story of Snow White that I felt it was wrong to not include Snow eating it. For once I'd also like to see a Snow White movie where that mirror gets more of an explanation! They had a chance to give the mirror a bit more of an explanation in this movie but they avoid to. It comes off as more of just a place in the queen's mind than a magic mirror exactly. It would have been interesting to hear where the queen got the mirror and where she got her magic from.

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What Audience Is "Mirror Mirror" For?

"Mirror Mirror" is a fun, family friendly fantasy movie. Don't expect it to be groundbreaking or something really spectacular. It's just a good movie to take your kids to. It's also a decent movie to watch if you like fairy tale fantasy movies or fairy tale shows. There isn't too much violence in this movie so little kids should be fine seeing it. The violence that is shown is more comical violence and involves magic spells and is not overly scary or frightening (one of the dwarfs often screams really high pitched whenever something bad is about to happen to them and it's really funny). If you like movies like "Frozen" or "Maleficent" or shows like "Once Upon a Time" or "The Tenth Kingdom" or "Sofia the First" you might like "Mirror Mirror".

Movie Quotables...

The Queen: "They're not wrinkles. They're just crinkles!"

-From "Mirror Mirror"

Fun Movie Trivia...

  • Lily Collins admitted in an interview that she originally auditioned for the role of Snow White in "Snow White and the Huntsman" movie.
  • According to Julia Roberts "Mirror Mirror" is the first film that made her young children aware that their mother was a famous film actress. Even though her children showed a large amount of enthusiasm about the Evil Queen, Roberts did not let them see the film for they were "too young." In fact, Roberts kept her work a secret from her children while Mirror Mirror was filming. "They're too young for it (the movie) and I think they would find it (me) disturbing," she said.

"Mirror Mirror"

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What is your favorite Snow White movie adaption?

What is your favorite Snow White movie adaption?

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    • profile image

      Chrysanthemum 2 years ago

      It seems like this movie got quite a few negative reviews although my daughter and I do like it :)

    • Nicole Hering profile image

      Nicole Kristine 2 years ago from MN

      Thanks for reading and yeah it isn't really that bad of a movie :)

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