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Miss Peregrine's Home for Children Movie Vs Book - Spoilers

Updated on January 13, 2017
The cover of the book
The cover of the book | Source

The Book

I read Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children following it being chosen as the monthly read in one of the Facebook book groups I am a member of. I only managed to read it a couple of months later due to being caught up in other books. When I read it, I found the use of pictures amazing. I loved reading about how the author, Ransom Riggs, used the pictures to create the story and not the other way round. Most authors will find pictures to go with the story once they've finished writing it. Riggs found the pictures online and created a story to go with them. Doing the story this way meant that he came up with a fantastic fantasy world with curious people in it. The pictures were included in the book making it even more interesting as the characters didn't need to be imagined as they do with most stories.

The story starts with a young boy who's grandfather is attacked by something other worldly. Without giving too much away the story takes into this fantasy world with time travel and special abilities. We follow the young boy on his journey to find out what happened to his grandfather, while he meets these very special people and becomes to think of them as family.

The world created by Riggs draws the reader in. You can almost feel like you are part of the group of people the young boy meets. Your emotions will go up and down as different events take place. You may even find yourself wishing you had an ability like one of the characters.

The cover of the DVD
The cover of the DVD | Source

The Movie

The movie was directed by Tim Burton, stars Asa Butterfield as the main character, Jake, and Eva Green as Miss Peregrine.

As with the book, the movie pretty much starts out the same way where we see Jake's grandfather die and we follow him on his journey of discovery all about this other world. For the most part the movie pretty much follows the book to the letter, then around the halfway point we see the introduction of Sam L Jackson as Barron. Barron's introduction to the movie is where things seem to take a different turn.

The movie still encompasses the time travel and fantasy aspects but fails to competently show the relationships built during the story.

Nearer the end of the movie, they end up in a town called Blackpool. Blackpool is located in North West England and is actually only around thirty minutes away from where I live. Usually when I see somewhere I personally recognise in a movie I get an elated feeling but I was more shocked than anything (more about that at the bottom).

All in all, if you haven't read the book then the movie is fun but for me it was lacking in too many areas.

The Book Vs The Movie

  • Asa Butterfield was perfect as Jake in the movie. Exactly how I had imagined him from the book.
  • Eva Green was also the perfect choice for the role of Miss Peregrine. The character has quite an unusual power so playing her would have been quite a difficult role for anyone. Green made it seem easy.
  • They combined a couple of the characters and swapped powers about from the book to the movie. One big player in the book was a love story, the movie removed all possibilities of that happening due to swapping characters and abilities.
  • The ending in Blackpool. The way the book ended was left open as there is a sequel that has already been released. The story continues in the second book. In the movie, unless they massively change the second book, they seem to have left themselves unable to make a sequel due to the changes made.

Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Book to Movie Translation

2 stars for Book to Movie Translation

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