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Miss Sloan Review

Updated on March 24, 2017
Theatrical poster for Miss Sloane
Theatrical poster for Miss Sloane


Miss Sloan is a political thriller written by Jonathan Perera and directed by John Madden. The film stars Jessica Chastain as Elizabeth Sloan. Miss Sloan is a ferocious lobbyist who does like to lose. Furthermore, the movie is about standing for your political views. Undoubtedly, the film is Hollywood's attempt to emphasize the importance of gun control. Fortunately, the film provides both sides to the argument. The movie was released in the United States on November 25, 2016.

The plot showcases the harsh political environment and behind the scenes dealings of legislation in the white house. In this environment, there are no winners. Everyone pays a price. Elizabeth Sloan and her firm are asked to use women to push the narrative of gun protection. But, she refuses and decides to work for against the idea instead. As, a result her personal life comes under fire. The present and past story run parallel together to reveal more about the case at hand. She firmly believes in not extorting women. The film stresses that you must stand for what's right. And Elizabeth Sloan is the epitome of "not backing down."

The dialogue in Miss Sloan is reminiscent of many well known political thrillers of today. It is smart and quickly spoken. This type of dialogue meshes well with the film's past pacing. The words spoken are metaphorical in nature. And are used as quick quips to other people's words. The political jargon is at its finest and those familiar with the movie's political landscape and pressures will be drawn in like moths to a flame.

Overall, Miss Sloan is a political film worthy of your time. Jessica Chastain's performance is magnetic and polarizing. She is strong but playful. Also, the film does not willingly try to persuade you to pick a side. But, to just have an opinion. The music is whimsical during moments of political plays. And swells up during defining moments of political savvy and courage. Sometimes it can be a little overbearing with its message. And If you're not fan of political thrillers, then this movie will probably not be for you. It is easy to get lost in the political jargon. Plus, the characters aren't memorable and you will most likely not care for them. However, if you like intense debates on political topics. And of course, a strong woman protagonist. Then, Miss Sloan is the movie for you.

Miss Sloan is currently available on DVD, Blu-ray, Amazon Video and ITunes.


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