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MissUsed - Cover Band Central "Spotlight Artist of the Week" for 04/22/14

Updated on September 15, 2016
Roxy Lane of MissUsed
Roxy Lane of MissUsed

One of the primary objectives that I'm aiming for in featuring a "Spotlight" artist every week is to showcase acts that provide an example of how to do things right. From a killer song selection that caters to the party crowd, to putting time and work into providing an entertaining show, to taking advantage of the many promotional opportunities available today...all bases need to be covered. That's why I was thrilled when I stumbled upon a band out of Birmingham, Alabama known as MissUsed.

Fronted by singer Roxy Lane, MissUsed has been wowing crowds all over the southeast United States for over six years, providing a dynamic live presentation complete with crowd-pleasing, fist-pumping party tunes, a stunning light show, and solid energetic performances. The band has gone through a few lineup changes over the years, but currently features Robert Moore on guitar, Mike Yates on bass and Bill Wilkins on drums, and the quartet continues to command a busy schedule, playing over 200 shows a year.

There are so many things that this band is doing right. I'd have to start with what I consider most important - song selection. MissUsed knows their audience, and they cover many genres including rock, pop, country, dance, funk and rap, but keep it all upbeat and fun. Folks that go out to see this band know they are in for a party - but additionally - know that they'll also be an integral part of the party.

Roxy Lane is cool and clearly comfortable on stage. There is a vibrant energy that she exudes that provides an infectious appeal that demands attention. She engages the crowd and leads the charge in getting them to sing, dance, scream and have fun by setting the example herself on stage. For a small taste, check out the band below in a recent performance of a popular 80's Joan Jett cover.

Miss Lane and Co. know that success extends beyond the stage, and have taken full advantage of the resources available today by growing their followers and engaging their fan base online better than just about every other band.

If you go to their website, you'll find a list of over 25 Facebook fan Pages - each centered around a specific geographical area that the band plays in and around. This lends itself well to frequent interaction between the band members and their mutitude of fans. There are thousands of crowd shots and fan photos all over the place on these sites, and it showcases brilliantly just how much fun these guys have.

To keep people engaged on their own fan Page, MissUsed will run contests with giveaways, offer various wearable merchandise, and constantly keep fans updated on what's happening. If you scroll through the Photos section, there are thousands of pictures on this Page alone of both crowd and band shots. This kind of promotion is an essential part in getting a buzz about your band online, and MissUsed has it down.

Early this year, MissUsed went through a transition of sorts - much to the delight of many of their fans. In addition to continuing on the party club scene, the band has broadened its attention to include wedding/casino/corporate gigs into their schedule. Having already established themselves as being able to present a polished show, the transition seems to be a smooth one, and will only increase their popularity.

Bands that stick around for the long haul know that things need to be kept fresh, and they have to be adaptable and willing to evolve. They know that the second that they step on the stage, they are there to provide entertainment. They dress well, they play their parts not only right, but with passion. They know how to have fun and know it's essential to make everyone in the room have fun, too. MissUsed has been dominating the party/club scene for years now, and with a group of solid musicians, a determined drive, and a charismatic presence, Roxy Lane and her band will surely be thrilling crowds for years to come.

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Check out more about MissUsed on their website at


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      Harry 2 years ago

      I hope I am never that "marketable". I'd have to slit my wrists if I were playing these songs every nite. Of course I didn't really like most of their list when they came out. The truth is I know what they are doing works. I pulled up their website and some of their facebook feeds and wow, they really do know how to conduct business. She does have good stage presence. (the rest of the members are easily replaceable). I can't stand the KISS system (keep it simple stupid), but they do a great job of it. Thankfully I do not need to make money with my playing. (can't afford to loose any either). I just don't feel any musicianship in their performances, no warm fuzzies, but non-musicians can't discern that kind of thing anyway. Hats off to them though, they definitely have the formula down.