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Mission Impossible 5:Really Impossible?

Updated on March 23, 2015
Tom Cruise just hanging around
Tom Cruise just hanging around | Source

A Mission Too Impossible?

In 1996 Movie goers were introduced to Tom Cruises character, Ethan Hunt.A wise cracking,smart,and excellent with hand to hand combat agent.Since then we have been following Tom Cruises character for every unique and extreme situation.As many of you already know the teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel was released late yesterday,along with the release of the full trailer today.I must say that this trailer has me stoked and excited for this summer.First off that scene with Ethan Hunt Literally riding on the plane was just INSAAAANNE!!! It makes me wonder what makes this 50 year old actor do all these stunts and still manage to wooo the ladies.

Hands down this movie will be a summer blockbuster along with many other movies (Jurassic world,Avengers:Age of Ultron,Fantastic Four).But the real question is,will this be Ethan hunts Last Mission?I guess we will find out in July 2015.


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