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Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol

Updated on January 12, 2012

Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol

Director: Brad Bird

Writers: Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec, Bruce Geller

Cast: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton, Michael Nyqvist, Vladimir Mashkov, Samuli Edelmann, Ivan Shvedoff, Anil Kapoor, Léa Seydoux, Josh Holloway, Pavel Kriz, Miraj Grbic, Ilia Volok

Synopsis: In the 4th installment of the Mission Impossible series, Ethan Hunt and his team are racing against time to track down a dangerous terrorist named Hendricks, who has gained access to Russian nuclear launch codes and is planning a strike on the United States. An attempt by the team to stop him at the Kremlin ends in a disaster, with an explosion causing severe destruction to the Kremlin and the IMF being implicated in the bombing, forcing the President to invoke Ghost Protocol, under which the IMF is disavowed, and will be offered no help or backup in any form. Undaunted, Ethan and his team chase Hendricks to Dubai, and from there to Mumbai, but several spectacular action sequences later, they might still be too late to stop a disaster.

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense action and violence

Parody Opening

Disclaimer: This parody is entirely fictitious, and made up for satirical and comedy purposes only. Any and all references, likeness, or any similarities to any actual events, people, incidences and etc is purely coincidental. Also, this parody contains graphic depictions of violence, adult situations and language. Parental Discretion is Advised.

Narration: It's a typical day like no other. Steven wakes up from a nice sleep, as he prepares to go jogging. However, as he's getting dressed, he hears a knock on the door, so he rushes to answer it. The person knocking happens to be a postal worker.

Postal Worker: Hello, are you Steven Escareno?

Steven: Um..yeah..that would be me.

Postal Worker: Here, I got a package for you. (He hands Steven a large brown box addressed to him) Okay, and I'll need you to sign something as well.

Steven: Thank you sir. I appreciate it.

Narrator: Steven puts down the box, as he grabs the pen that the postal worker hands him along with the clipboard, to sign the document. Immediately after signing, the postal worker leaves, as Steven can't help but wonder who it could be from, as it has no listed return address. Opening up the package, as he finds a tape recorder inside along with tape inside it. Attached with a note that says, "Play me." Steven shrugs, as he plays the tape, and listens intently to it's message. The "Mission Impossible" Theme plays subtly in the background, as he listens to the message.

Tape recorder: Good morning Mr. Escareno, as you know "Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol" has been a surprise hit at the box office; in spite of a mediocre first weekend. You're mission should you choose to accept it, is to review this movie for your readers. As always, if you're caught writing a bad poorly written review, hubpages will deny any knowledge of your actions. This message will self destruct in five seconds...

Narrator: Steven looks at his readers as if to look shocked. A few seconds later, Steven opens the door and tosses the stupid recorder outside, as it happens to blow up some big guy's Mercedez-Benz that just happened to be where the tape landed as it exploded.

Big Man: Who's the a**hole who blew up my f***ing car?!?

Narrator: Steven looks around innocently, as he slowly closes the door while whistling the whole time to act as if he did nothing wrong. That is until he suddenly gets a loud knock on his door. Steven ponders whether to open it, but decides not to, and locks the door. The big guy being as strong as he is, he knocks down the door with one punch. He stands at seven feet tall, and weighs close to three hundred pounds of solid muscle mass.

Steven stands there smiling innocently, as he looks up at the man. The big man easily towers over Steven, as he's only 5' 7.

Steven: Why good morning sir. Can I help you with something on this lovely day?

Big Man: Yeah, you can pay for the damages to my car you son of a b****!

Steven: Yeah...about see....whoo wait a minute...(looks around the guy's arm to act as if I saw something behind him)....what the hell is that behind you?

Narrator: The big guy looks, as Steven pulls out a hand gun and shoots off the guy's knee caps, then kicks him in the genitals hard. Once he goes down for the count, Steven picks up his metal baseball bat that he keeps handy for intruders, and knocks him out cold as he hits him in the head with it. Afterwards, Steven makes a break for it, and runs away before the guy can wake up. The "Mission Impossible" theme plays again, as Steven gets the heck out of dodge before this giant of a man wakes up.

Now, it's time for the review...

One of the best action films of 2011

"Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol" is arguably one of the most under rated action films that I've seen last year. Not only is the story genuinely engaging to watch, but it offers a lot of action sequences that will quench any action fan's appetite. The film is essentially based off the popular TV series, "Mission Impossible", where covert agents are assigned to embark on various missions that most government agencies would be too scared to tackle themselves. Each episode would start off with an agent somehow getting relayed a electronic message with the infamous lines, "You're mission if you should choose to accept..." Once the message concluded, it would explode.

In this latest film, Tom Cruise plays Ethan Hunt, a covert agent for the IMF agency, who starts off in an undercover mission within a prison facility. However, due to an international emergency, the IMF sends a group of agents to bust him out of jail, to recruit him for another mission. Reluctant at first, Ethan agrees to this new assignment, as he's aided by other agents named Jane (Paula Patton), Benji (Simon Pegg), and William (Jeremy Renner). Their assignment? They're tasked with the duty of stealing launch codes, to Russian missiles. Unfortunately, an international terrorist known as Kurt Hendricks (Michael Nyqvist), also plans on stealing them as well. Once attaining the launch codes, Hendricks plans on using the missiles to attack the United States to incite a nuclear war that could wipe out most of humanity. Needless to say, Hendricks is successful, and the IMF agents are framed for an explosion that happened at Kremlin.

Upon this incident, the President of the United States is forced to order a ghost protocol, which basically calls for the IMF program to be immediately disavowed; with no backup or help whatsoever. However, Ethan and his team manage to escape, but they become wanted international terrorists due to the botched mission. With only one way to clear their names, Ethan leads his team to track down Hendricks, and try to possibly stop him from carrying out his plans to launch Russian missiles at the United States.

Although I can't say that I'm a huge fan of this franchise, I have to admit this is probably one of the most under rated action films of last year. Not only does the film offer plenty of intense action sequences to satisfy most movie goers, but the cinematography is very well used in these action scenes as well. In one scene for example, Ethan hunt is climbing up an office building using special gloves. However, as he's climbing up the building, the viewer can immediately tell he's almost 181 stories above ground, as it's bound to make anyone who suffers from vertigo nervous. Of course, that's not even the craziest part about that particular scene. According to various articles, Tom Cruise was very persistent on doing all his own stunts in this movie, and the only CGI used, in that scene, was to digitally erase the jumping cable and harness that he had strapped to himself for safety. However, everything else like the building and himself were all real in that scene.

Meaning, when we see Tom Cruise dangling off a freaking building in that scene, we're literally seeing Tom Cruise dangling off a freaking building in that scene. And it's not just any building either, it's the Burj Khalifa located in Dubai no less. For those unfamiliar with that building, it currently holds the record for being the tallest structure ever built.

To be honest, I'm not sure if I should either applaud Mr. Cruise for his bravery and dedication that he put into this film, or if I should start to think that maybe he's going a bit crazy and senile in his old age. Or, it could be a bit of both. Whatever the case may be, nobody can deny how great the action scenes are in this film, as I'd even dare say this film was better than "The Expendables."

Of course, another benefit this film has is great performances from it's actors. Paula Patton combines the perfect amount of toughness, ingenuity, and sexiness that one would like to see out of any femme fatale. As for Simon Pegg, he manages to bring a bit of comic relief without ever going over the top with it, and Jeremy Renner does an excellent job with his part as well. As for Tom Cruise, he certainly pulls off the role of Ethan Hunt nicely.

Unfortunately, this isn't to say the film doesn't have it's own share of flaws though. One of them being is that unless you've seen the previous movies, then there will be certain references that won't make any sense. In fact, William's back story relates heavily to one of the previous "Mission Impossible" films (namely the third one). Therefore, I probably wouldn't watch this movie, unless you've already been following this franchise. Otherwise, I'd probably watch the previous ones first before jumping into this movie. Not saying that anyone who hasn't seen the previous films won't be able to comprehend the story line, as it's fairly easy to follow. However, those who have been following this franchise, they'll just have a better understanding of the movie.

As for the villain of "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol", he's basically just insane, as he feels that all of humanity needs to be obliterated in order to work towards a better future. Wow, someone has issues. Unfortunately, this also implies that Kurt Hendricks comes off as a generic villain that really isn't that interesting. If anything, he's just an antagonist that serves as a convenient plot device for Ethan Hunt and his team to foil. However, in spite of the film's flaws, it's still a great action movie that offers plenty of thrills to satisfy most movie goers.

Of course, I know some people may be put off by the fact that Brad Bird is directing this movie. After all, most people who're familiar with his work would associate him with animated features such as "The Incredibles" and "Ratatioulle", so what would an animation director know about directing action films? Well, anyone who dares to doubt Mr. Bird would be dead wrong after seeing this movie. Not only does Brad Bird show a great eye for directing action scenes, but the imagery he creates in the film almost immerses the viewer into the movie. In fact, I shutter to think if this film was released in 3-D, as nothing else could've made the action sequences more amazing. However, since it's not in 3-D at all, the IMAX experience of the movie truly brings out the action scenes to where audiences won't be able to help but feel as if they're right there in the midst of things with Cruise. It's truly a visual treat to see, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this film was nominated for "Best Cinematography" in this year's Oscars.

In the end, "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" is one of the best action films out there, and it's certainly entertaining; especially considering how Tom Cruise does all his own stunts in this film. In fact, I'm still debating on whether or not I should label Tom Cruise as being a dedicated brave man, or some insane nut job for hanging off a 181 story building. Talk about crazy. If you can afford to see this film in IMAX, then I'd highly recommend it. But if you can't afford it, or prefer the standard form of movies, then you'll still enjoy it all the same. Overall, I'd have to give it a three out of four.


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    • Stevennix2001 profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Escareno 

      7 years ago

      Your welcome. I'm glad you liked the film, and thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts with us. :)

    • livelovelaugh5 profile image


      7 years ago

      I just saw the movie and thought it was pretty good. The Dubai scene where he climbs the building was great and really exciting. I thought the sandstorm was a bit much though. Overall it was pretty good. Thanks for the review!

    • Stevennix2001 profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Escareno 

      7 years ago

      Thanks Bruce. I'm glad you liked the review. To be honest, I wasn't planning on seeing this movie originally, but when I saw how well it was doing in the recurring weeks after it premiered, I decided to see what the big deal was, and it's definitely one of the most under rated action films out there.

    • Cogerson profile image


      7 years ago from Virginia

      Hey actual adult oriented movie that my 5 and 2 years old let me go and see. I was pleasantly surprised how good this movie was...I liked part 1, disliked part 2, and swore I would never see another M.I. after part 3...but all the awesome reviews got me to change my mind. I think Cruise was smart to share the action with his the previous installments it was Cruise and Cruise only all the time. I agree the villian was pretty vanilla....and as you say his plan did not make a whole lot of sense....voted up and useful.


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