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Mission Impossible: Heart Faith

Updated on March 19, 2018


In 1996 one of the best franchises was introduced. Starring a well know actor in Tom Cruise. The series focuses on a hunt as like the T.V series. Faith leads them to clues inside the film but they must get through so much to get what they are trying to find. This franchise is the 20th highest grossing series of all time. Grossing over a billion dollars worldwide. The 1st film alone was a huge hit at the box office at $457.7 million. The second was even better. Seeing these films shows how faith always defeats the impossible no matter what. It also shows that it is a process to get it done. When you have faith, you can do anything. This entire series is proof that you should never. What's obvious is the fact that Ethan Hunt was left alive for a reason. He has heart faith not mind faith. It is not too much of a difference in the two faiths but one is slightly not enough. That one is Mind faith. Mind faith does not require much action but heart faith does. The bible makes this clear saying faith without works is dead and it is.

Mission Impossible three (2006)

Hunt is alerted by the IMF that his identity was stolen. They stole it and used his ID to help an old friend of hunts who's a dry get into the country on an assignment to deliver a virus and a cure. The virus is a bioweapon. That guy that stole the identity kills him before it. That guy betrayed the Dr. What they guy doesn't know is that doctor forewarned hunt. He's hunts ex friend. Despite hunt having HEART FAITH as an advantage he knows he needs a SUPPORT SYSTEM. He recruits help before he hunts him down. That guy may have his ID but not his heart. He will be defeated. First, hunt agrees to go to the lab in Australia where the doctor created the virus and the cure and obtain it. He and his team suffer casualties but it was not enough to stop them from capturing the virus and destroying it. Hunt also gets his ID back and enjoys a vacation.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)

In this one the stakes are much higher. Before hunt begins the mission, he is arrested and in jail in Moscow but he did it on purpose. He did it to get information about a nuclear strategist. After hunt gets the information he needs he escapes. He and his team pursue cobalt but he realizes that he must make changes to no be seen while doing it. That scientist is heading to Dubai to obtain launch codes in exchange for a device that he had stolen. So, hunt and his team adjust and go to Dubai. They don't hide but are in what they call ghost protocol. Later, a test launch heads toward san Francisco. The team overrides it all completing the mission. After completing that mission, a new one awaits hunt in Seattle.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015)

Hunt is determined to prove that a syndicate the CIA thinks is fake is real. He goes out on his own to do so but the syndicate is on top of it. He captures hunt and kills the other agent he's already holding but hunt escapes from his care. Meanwhile, in Washington D.C the IMF has been put in the care of the CIA but hunt is no longer a part of it. Hunt is working alone. He remains on track to prove that it does exist. A friend finds him and informs him that he's being hunted by the C.I.A. Along the way of his journey he obtains valuable information that will surely help him prove his case. After hunt completes the mission the C.I.A is convinced what hunt was looking to prove was real. The IMF is reinstated.


In this world today, it's so much out there that's against GOD it's crazy. For example, people say Oh my f****** GOD and more ignorant sayings degrading a holy GOD but there are still saying GOD and do not even recognize it. God gets the glory even with wrong intentions in life and in many movies, such as these movies. You just must notice it. In these movies its noticed. The series is called mission impossible. The title is impressive and so are the movies. The movies are impressive for many reasons. One is because hunt had heart faith. He did not settle for what his mind thought. It started in the heart. Two is that he always had a team. Three is the fact that he separated himself to fulfill a task. That’s faith for you. You suffer hardship but that heart faith will not let you stop. A mind of faith is good but not it. It must be in your heart. You need a support system in faith because you get discouraged in it at times. Lastly, with heart faith you will conquer anything. These movies support that very well.

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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