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Mixtapes, Mixtapes, Mixtapes

Updated on January 9, 2010

Some dope mixtapes

I feel that 2010 is going to be a good year for music. New decade, new start..out with the garbage and in with the substance.

First off, I would like to introduce y'all to an upcoming producer/artist/b-boy that goes by the name of Zig-Zag. He's located in Maryland. One of the main things I like about Zig-Zag is his ear for music. Coming from an interesting background of diversity in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) and also having traveled to Japan a few times and staying there for months, you can only imagine how this guy hears music. Age is nothing but a number when you have a young guy that has an appreciation for all kinds of music from different periods.

His mixtape "Welcome to Ryukyu" is an eclectic sound that features blends of different hip-hop, jazz type influences + many others. My favorite track off his mixtape is "The True Path" - I get this vibe of Street Fighter or just an endless journey/quest to find yourself. I feel that we as humans are always on that constant journey of trying to outdo ourselves from yesterday, and trying to find a better tomorrow.

You can check out his mixtape at and his bandcamp page For more info and updates, check out his twitter -

The next mixtape I would like to introduce y'all to is Rocnation artist, J.Cole's "The Warm Up". This is def a dope mixtape. If J. Cole gets the right kind of promotion and support, he will def go far and have longevity in the music game. Just hearing the kind of emotion and lyrics and thought he puts behind his words is impeccable. I am really diggin the type of heart and soul he brings to his music. I feel that's missing in this ringtone/single influenced music world right now. Jay-Z said it best "I know we facing a recession/But the music y'all making going make it the great depression." Well, this will definitely lift your spirits. Although, this whole mixtape shines as a whole, my favorite tracks are the ones he did from the "Get By" track via Talib Kweli and also "Dead Presidents II" via Jay-Z. This is definitely a solid mixtape. You can download his mixtape at

The third mixtape I would like to talk about his Lupe Fiasco's "Enemy of the State". When this dropped back on Thanksgiving, everyone was talking about this tape. Even though the whole mixtape is roughly 22 mins, the quality and substance of this mixtape has serious replay value. If this mixtape does not get you thinking or appreciating raw rhyming dexterity at it's finest, then you need to read a dictionary for a few years and step your vocab and comprehension up..lolol. This whole mixtape is an atomic bomb of lyricism. Lupe at his finest, period. Some of my fav songs are Fireman (Yoga Flame), Angels remix, Say Something, Thank you, and So Ghetto. I cannot wait til his new album LASERS drops this year.  You can download his music at 

The 4th mixtape I'd like to talk about is Raekwon's "Coke up in da dollar bill". From the title alone, you can already tell the rawness of the mixtape. I thought the mixtape was pretty dope overall. I like some of the vintage tracks he spits on like the original Liquid Liquid "Cavern" - sampled earlier by Melle Mel for "White Lines". The mixtape features a couple of dope heavyweights like Ghostface Killah and Busta Rhymes. You can download it here

The last mixtape I would like to talk about briefly is Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek's "RE:Union". Now this mixtape is incredible. For one thing, It's an 1 hr and 10 mins long. You might as well call this a remix album.  I know I already talked about this mixtape on a previous hub, but this DESERVES to be talked about again. 30 tracks; dope beats; dope mixing; dope features. What else is there to say on the matter? hahaha, just go cop it! I'm doing YOU a favor, hehe ^_^. Get it here

I have a lot of hope that rap is going to make a U-Turn, stop at the stop light, and then finally go on green with some real substance *no pun*. Seriously, a brand new year, a brand new decade in the new millennium - things can only look up.


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