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Moana Movie Review

Updated on October 12, 2017

Moana is a Disney movie released in November 23rd, 2016. It is a tale about a young woman who lives on a island and is destined to become chief, but she dreams of sailing across the open waters yet that which she craves is forbidden by the current chief which is her father. The movie has some usual Disney cliches but I will explain a bit about the movie.

The plot revolves around a demigod named Maoi who steals a heart that belongs to a goddess of sorts, when the heart was stolen Maoi lost his magical hook and disappeared and darkness began to crawl across the world slowly destroying islands one by one.

Moana is the chiefs daughter, when their island begins to deteriorate she says they should go out in search of food, of course the father denies her suggestion. When Moana was a baby some freaky stuff happens with the sea and she is chosen to find Maoi.

Once Moana is off the island she goes in search for Maoi, but the world is dangerous for some reason. They talk of giant sea monsters yet the only giant anything we see is a giant singing crab and he lives under the sea, that and the giant monster at the end but I won't spoil anything.

The movie seems to spread the verse of "Follow your dreams." and "Let no one stop you from what you wish for." Which is rather nice but it all ends in a bad heap. For starters once finding Maoi the man tricks her, he ends up trapping her in a cave as if he was trying to kill her, he has tried to ditch her multiple times. Not only that but he is kind of a prick, constantly making fun of her and trying to get rid of her, then somehow forming a close bond. I understand it is a movie but the way they bond seems rather too fast.

So do to the Heart of Tefiti being stolen storms now appear from out of nowhere and monsters roam the seas, kinda. There is only three areas where conflict really occurs: When they meet Tamatoa, when they meet the sea pirates and then finally when they come up against Te Ka. But besides that nothing else really happens, Moana gets attacked by a storm once or twice but is never even injured, in fact the only thing that gets somewhat broken is Maoi's hook.

Despite barely anything really going wrong, the usual Disney thing where the hero is alone and now has to contemplate if they should continue their journey or whatever. There isn't really anything that proves to be treacherous, Tamatoa does beat up Maoi but that's it, even Te Ka the main antagonist isn't even much of a threat since Moana can simply walk up to it.

Seriously the sea just parted ways to allow her to get close to Te Ka.

Also there is a thing with Maoi, finally gets his hook back, he and Moana then go to try and get the heart back to Tefiti but Te Ka ends up nearly breaking Maoi's hook because of Moana and then he leaves because he doesn't want it to be broken because the gods made it and it can't be fixed. Then he just reappears towards the end to help against the final boss, he literally shouldn't have even came back considering he cared so much about the hook, I doubt simply talking to a tattoo will change your mind. It is another time when Disney tries to have a character come back and be redeemed, he has no reason to be redeemed. He didn't want his hook to break so he should have just stayed away.

The ending is rather anticlimactic, Moana ends up simply singing to the creature who before wanted to simply outright murder them but no she can sing to it and then it turns into Tefiti, it is a rather dumb ending. The actual ending then consists of Moana and her tribe sailing across the seas since before the heart was stolen they were actually explorers, it is just a outright terrible ending.

All in all it is a decent movie, but along with the other Disney movies there really isn't anything that sticks out from it other then it is sea themed, but The Little Mermaid did that and did it so much better then Moana did. Moana has some nice visuals, decent songs, but in the end it is just another carbon copy of what Disney does. Make an incredibly easy plot, toss a few songs in there and maybe put in a hunk like guy.

Nice for the kids to watch and keep, busy but terrible if you want to watch something that you haven't already seen before.


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