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Moana Review:

Updated on November 24, 2016

Disney can't be brought down. They produce greatness at every turn. Even creating two fantastic movies in one year. Disney has sometimes been compared to this conveyor bent industry that pops out movies every year. This creates very similar troupes throughout their movies. However, that's not always a bad thing. The troupes can be there as long as the world pulls you in and creates an amazing adventure. That's what I would say I want out of a movie geared towards children. It also has heart. Some of the cliches might be looked at like negatives, but that's all I want when going into a Disney animation movie.

Moana is about a princess on a Polynesian island. She's always have had a love for the sea and has always wanted to travel beyond the reef. Though her dad has always held her back and told her that there are too much danger passed it. She refuses to believe it. Also, an ancient prophecy states that a demigod Maui took the heart of the sea and now darkness is trying to attack everything. Moana's island is being corrupted by this darkness and she has to adventure out to find Maui and bring back the heart of the sea to where it belongs.

Disney has always been able to bring love into everything. It's a magic empire that really takes time to make great films. Some companies would just eventually phone in their movies when they get too big and produce garbage eventually. *cough* *cough* Call of Duty *cough* *cough*. Though Disney doesn't do this and knows sooner or later fans will eventually catch onto the act. Instead they'll just keep creating content that's above and beyond every other kid's movies.

The film is great in it's ability of creating those little pings in your head. The comedy makes you want to stay and laugh, the songs make you want to sing along, and the world keeps you wanting for the same adventure. Every aspect is one unit and it moves in harmony like the ocean. It doesn't try and dazzle you with something its not. It sticks to its guns and gives you a story that might not have a lot under the surface, as of underlying messages like Zootopia, but a heart that just keeps pumping.

Overall, Moana goes beyond my expectation. The trailers did a good job of not spoiling the story and not giving away too much. The culture here is represented well, unlike some (I'm looking at you Pocahontas), and creates an adventure that I could watch over and over.


What amazing animation.
What amazing animation. | Source

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