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"Mock and Roll Hall of Fame"

Updated on August 3, 2016

When I hear the words "Hall of Fame," my mind pictures a prestigious building filled with the best in the world at what they do. A place full of mutual respect, where no one is treated better than another because one or two accomplishments but rather their entire careers. When I picture "The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," my brains vision only changes slightly thanks to piercings, sunglasses, and tattoos peeking out of tuxedos and ballgowns.
‚Äč Does every inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame need to be a "rock star?" Of course not, but it should be someone that was influenced in one way or another by the art of rock and roll. You can't simply be literal and denounce punk, metal, or even rap. "Well, Nirvana, technically you're grunge...not rock and roll." However, it does take more than just being a musician to be a hall-of-famer.
I'm not saying hip hop artists such as The Beastie Boys or Run DMC and country musicians like Johnny Cash and Creedance Clearwater Revival have no place in the Hall of Fame. After all, these artists have a rock background (and even helped to build the genre) and have been quoted in saying so. Yet, there are other "hall-of-famers" that are not only uninfluenced by rock, but have disrespected it during their careers.
I could understand the induction of rap, classical, and even techno if we were completely out of rock and roll musicians that have earned a spot, but that is most definitely not the case. Bands and soloists that come to mind are incredibly talented people like Ronnie James Dio, Rob Zombie, and Dave Mustaine. These are just a few examples of men that have not only entertained the world, but in fact evolved the world of music. Yet, they go on unrecognized; Ronnie must be kicking clouds in heaven out of frustration.
When I heard the inductees for this years ceremony, I had mixed feelings: relief, surprise, and anger. I was relieved that a band that has been the standard of excellence for nearly fifty years was finally noticed. I was absolutely shocked that an icon was just now being recognized. And I was angered that an undeserving group was getting an award they didn't deserve.
Why? Because of the success of a film that glorified the lives of sixty percent of the group? Was it because everyone felt that their movie was owed something and was snubbed at a meaningless awards show a few months earlier? Or was it because of what's going on in our country right now? It seems to me that we have transitioned from inequality to equality and now so far past equality that everyone expects things.
As I did my research, I crawled through the Hall of Fame inductions in alphabetical order until I realized their were more non-rock musicians than grunge and punk bands combined. I soon found myself hunting for some of my favorite music growing up, such as Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, The Offspring, and Iron Maiden... no such luck.


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